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Hello from the desert
Hey there fellow psychonauts! Very thrilled to be here. I kind of stalked CRU and have been away for a while but I've decided I want to be a more involved member of the RC community. I'm pretty much into anything with psychoactive effects with an emphasis on sedatives. I only have a basic understanding of chemistry so please forgive me if ask a dumb question. I'm very curious and look forward to sharing knowlege, experiences, and opinions.
                - H
Welcome, welcome. The homepage chat/shoutbox is usually a good place to get a quick reply for any questions :)
Shame you left the joining so late, missed a lot of fun in the shoutbox and generally a much livelier site :(

Here's the question though,
Is it dumb to not ask a question and fail, or to ask a question and succeed?
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
Hi H :-)

Yes you've largely missed the overt boat substance wise. We're still here though, because this place is unique. Welcome. Enjoy.
Deliver me from reasons why you'd rather cry, I'd rather fly.

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