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I recently  began new research into eg018  either  this compound is of poor quality  or my normal means of activation is not correct for this  any suggestions
thanks  that's what I was thinking will pick up something better ... the other newer  018s have also been of low quality none come close to the original
Icky, Sticky, Kushy goodness!!!!!!!!xxxxxxx
Id probably avoid this compound because of the naphthalene in its structure. Naphthalene compounds tend to be carcinogens
Any evidence to support that claim ?
Not with EG-018, but THJ-018 doesn't produce naphthalene metabolites as far as I know. I don't see any reason why that would be different in EG-018.

Naphthalene isn't particularly carcinogenic either. There's evidence that long term exposure to it increases the rates of some cancers in rats. I'd be more worried about the long term effects of the cannabinoid than carcinogenicity of a possible naphthalene metabolite

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