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MarciaP I was going to say the cotton wick was probably soaked in the stuff, but you say there's no wick. What sort of vape are you using?
For me cliquid causes huge anxiety if I have more than a drag or two. (Dripping atomizer) I haven't touched mine in months as it's a gamble whether it will induce anxiety or not.

I'm finding good CBD products really helpful for anxiety. It's no benzo relief, and the only way of noticing it working is that my anxiety doesn't bother me as much as it does when I go without.

sassyldn I've never tried that product. It's made with cbd crystal so you'd be better off buying a gram of crystal for about the same price and mixing a bottle yourself.
Dissolve some in PG, add some VG later (it doesn't dissolve well in just VG) and if you like, some flavouring. You could make it whatever strength you like this way for half the cost.
It's ridiculously simple to mix your own. If you make your own eliquids you probably have all you need apart from the cbd crystal.

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