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Reliable and Verified USA RC vendor. - johnsong8619 - 17-12-2019

Our Labs in China & USA has RC`s with excellent quality, competitive rates and timely stock-reship service.
Check out product list below;
Research Chemicals; Stimulants, cannabinoids, Benzos, Opioids, psychedelics and Dissociatives available...

Our Up-to-date Product List;

5f-mdmb2201, 5F-ADB, 4f adb (White powder), 4cn adb (Brown powder), MMB2101, SGT151, SGT263, SGT 78, MED, bmdp, EBK (Rock Crystals, all colors available), NDH (White powder crystals), n-hex (White powder), EU (Rock crystals, all colors available), HEP (White powder), MDPHP, MDPT (Crystals), BMDP (CRYSTALS), 4CDC (Crystals) Dibutylone, Eutylone, 2fdck,  U 48800, MTF, Apvp, 3meo-pcp, 3f-pm, TH-pvp, 3f-pvp, 3HO-pcp, 5meo, Fentanyl Hcl, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, Carf, Etizolam, alprazolam, Clonazolam, Crystal Meth, NEP, 3MMC,3-MEC, Amphetamine, mdpv....

Payment is via bitcoins and upfront, and sample orders are available depending on the product.

Email; [email protected]
Wickr; seanpaxson