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The Drug Users Bible - 6dream - 12-04-2019

I explained in this post:
... how The Honest Drug Book emerged largely from my experiences in this forum, and how I myself had matured in terms of drug use here. I thought, therefore, that I should keep the story rolling by posting about new developments.... basically that after two more years of testing and travelling, an extended and expanded version has been published, which is called The Drug Users Bible.

As I felt that their inclusion was necessary, I self-administered another 17 psychoactives. I also extended the scope to embrace more on the general welfare of users, and not just safety. In all, it now spans 514 pages.

The new title and sub-title were chosen for a variety reasons. The sub-title became ‘Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety’, largely because I felt that it was important to actually specify directly what the book was about. The title was chosen to make it clear that this was a book for drug users (and their families/friends), and that it was comprehensive. 

As with its predecessor, it has its own website, including some sample pages:, and again is available from Amazon (links are on the website). 

I hope that this is of some interest, and if anyone has any questions or observations, I’m still around to answer.