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WEDINOS is down - incal - 20-07-2017

Hi everyone.
I have sent several samples to WEDINOS for analysis. Everytime I check there is a message at the side bar saying the equipment is being serviced or calibrated or something scientific I don't understand!
My question is does anyone know how long they will be down for ? So I know whether I can take or flush the pills burning a hole in my pill box.
Kind regards

RE: WEDINOS is down - niamh - 20-07-2017

I suspect if Wedinos knew when their equipment would be back in service, they'd have included that information in the news announcement on their site. I suspect that something broke down - fixing this stuff and recalibrating it afterwards isn't necessarily a quick process. They're not especially fast in any case.

Please note, if you're submitting samples prior to having tried them, Wedinos have rules that are not published anywhere on their site around filling out the submission form, otherwise they won't publish the sample result. In particular, you have to provide a reason for submission. The announcement they made at the time was as follows:

Quote:Please note that as of Monday 4th April 2016 we will no longer be analysing individual samples that, on the effects sheet only provide details of purchase intent stated as ‘legal high’ or ‘research chemicals’. It is an important element of WEDINOS that we are able to provide information both on what individuals intended to purchase and the actual content of the sample substance. When submitting a sample, please ensure that you include as much information as possible around what you intended to buy on the sample and effects record as well as effects experienced if the sample was consumed. If the sample was not consumed include your reason for submission. Many thanks.

They know about this issue because I told them about it back in December.

RE: WEDINOS is down - incal - 21-07-2017

Thanks Niamh for quick reply.
I was just wondering if anyone knew a date or had inside information but makes sense they would have included it!
Again thanks for the other information and I believe I have filled forms correctly and have had recent post-ban samples analysed and results published.
Kind regards

RE: WEDINOS is down - magick - 10-08-2017

There is the point that it's a project run out of Cardiff University and we're in the middle of the summer holidays. I suspect they have more lab technicians during the academic year.

RE: WEDINOS is down - incal - 10-08-2017

WEDINOS is back up and running for several days. It has already published new reports from the back log.
Haven't gotten round to mine yet though!