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Teens and drugs: what you should know - Renton - 15-02-2017

New video from Controlled Substance.

RE: Teens and drugs: what you should know - Whyzed - 21-03-2017

Some good points, but I'd disagree with some of that. You need to be mature and do the relevant thinking, be aware of the risks, great. But saying no to all drug use before age 21? Yeah, and don't have sex until your 30's, either? I discovered psychedelics age 15 and found them profoundly inspirational. What we need is people who develop and encourage the mentality of 'Do I want to take drugs? one thing I know is... I really don't want to abuse them.' and then action that thinking. I was possibly psychologically far better back then than in later years for a mentality I had but hadn't really understood, a mentality that seemed like a childish thing to me that was of little importance - I was positive/excited about life and self-indulgent, wanted exciting and valuable experiences. That is surely of the utmost importance, and it's a reason (if not the only reason) to operate constructively, and with care and respect. It's the source of many positives, such as mental well-being and the drive for maturity. People should be taking drugs safely and responsibly from the age that they are able to, if it achieves more value than harm it's a winner. What we need is an enlightened society who can guide youth away from harm and towards value, we shouldn't be overly protective and restrictive with age concerns.

RE: Teens and drugs: what you should know - martymcfly - 21-10-2017

Is there a website a I can buy teens and/or drugs from?