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Viagra taken sublingually? - map1984 - 06-01-2017

Hi everyone, just wondering if it is possible to take a regular nizagara 100mg tablet sublingually- will it be more efficient in time and/or dosage? Have any of you tried it?

Thanks for any replies :)

RE: Viagra taken sublingually? - Tails - 06-01-2017

Just don't get it stuck in your throat...

..that would be a real pain in the neck Happy

RE: Viagra taken sublingually? - YepYupYay - 15-01-2017

Yes it works sublingually.

RE: Viagra taken sublingually? - 2Corinth13:1 - 16-01-2017

Don't bother poking the pill down your urethra using a McDonalds' drinking straw though, they take way too long to dissolve that way.

Just a heads-up to anyone thinking of doing that.