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I Need Advices - FlightRCS - 03-09-2016

Hi folks im new on this cycle i wanna create my own blend for my using and for some friends but i hear its a lot of dangerous with Acetone Solvent is there any another Solvent which is more safer ? If yes please name it.

Also i have currently Coltsfoot (Herbs) and i buy it from one RC Shop the below list of chems : MAB-CHMINACA , FUB-AKB48 , ALPHA-PVP , AMB-FUBINACA its good they told me.

But im scary on Acetone using as i told before.. if you have some advices would be great fellas ;)

Thanks and welcome i at this forum its great and a lot of educationalble. Cheers.

RE: I Need Advices - Tails - 04-09-2016

Acetone is the only option really.. just make sure it is fully evaporated.

RE: I Need Advices - Xochipilli - 04-09-2016

Apart from things like water most solvents require some care but it you shouldn’t need to be a qualified lab tech to handle it - indeed I think ensuring correct amounts and homogenous blends (no potency hot spots) is a more important aspect

RE: I Need Advices - FlightRCS - 05-09-2016

I buyed 100% acetone 1L lets make some tests :P

Just create my first Blend of FUB-AKB48 30gr of Herbs > 1G of Chem , STRONG 7/10 With a good tolerance.

I think tomorrow i will create the MAB-CHINCA lets see! Acetone as solvent (2 hours at least i let it for evaporate)

More tips soon! Thanks