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The Orb - Passiflora - 21-06-2015

I just got a dvd bootleg of the orb video, it's not bad quality for a vhs to dvd rip, called orbus aquarium.

Anyway, here's a YouTube video so the youngsters know what I'm talking about... Unfortunately all the orb video tracks with their amazing 1990s computer graphics got taken off youtube, so just enjoy the music.

RE: The Orb - Kompressor - 21-06-2015

WOW, thanks for posting that pass, takes me back lol.

RE: The Orb - Passiflora - 21-06-2015

Yeah, takes me back to being a young teen, getting stoned with friends & then watching the vhs. I remember I found my own copy of the tape when I was about 18, paid £25 for it second hand, then a couple of years later I foolishly sold it for less because I needed the money. Not seen a legit copy of it since.

It got uploaded to youtube, I think by one of the members of the orb, but taken down now because it's signed to a major label.

Hope it's not breaking the rules too much to say there's a bootleg dvd public torrent if you search google for orbus aquarium. I'm just glad to have a reasonable digital copy of it now.

RE: The Orb - Northern_Aurora - 21-06-2015

Loved the Orb - the first artist to get me into ambient and electronica..

Saw him live in 95 and was awesome

RE: The Orb - Kompressor - 21-06-2015

Yeqah I might grab a copy, always nice to see things you thought special when you were younger.

RE: The Orb - Passiflora - 21-06-2015

Top Of The Pops

Live in Sweden 2001

Orb's Adventures -

RE: The Orb - Passiflora - 11-11-2015

RE: The Orb - Blodwyn - 11-11-2015

Love love love the orb x

RE: The Orb - SteveBrule44 - 11-11-2015

Was a couple of years late for this but always remember little fluffy clouds giving me a funny feeling when I think I saw it on the chart show as a ween once on a Saturday morning. Same with 'on' by Aphex Twin. Then I got older and started listening the Orbital and kind of forgot about The Orb except in passing. Thanks for posting these up so I can what I missed.

RE: The Orb - Passiflora - 23-11-2015