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Donations - Kompressor - 20-05-2015

How do I make a donation (have I asked this already?)?

I can't donate much often but I think this site is excellent and very helpful and I'd like to show some support for the good work done byu the people here.

RE: Donations - Renton - 20-05-2015

PM the blodwyn, we have a thread somewhere but i can't find it.

RE: Donations - Kompressor - 20-05-2015

Ok renton, thanks.

RE: Donations - ryoukii - 20-05-2015

There used to be an option to donate on the site quite easily, think its gone with the recent updates. Your name goes italic when you donate (like mine).

RE: Donations - Kompressor - 20-05-2015

So it's rentons fault then  Coooooool.

RE: Donations - Blodwyn - 21-05-2015

If anyone would like to make a donation which at present would be incredibly helpful however minor you may feel it is absolutely everything helps towards the server costs and allows me to partially fund travel to meetings which in turn benefit the forum and its really excellent information that you all work so hard to provide.

You can make a donation through paypal the address is [email protected]

If anyone would like to make a bank transfer please pm me.

If literally everyone gave £1 a month which is in essence cheaper than a cup of coffee it would really help in allowing us to look at some different hosting options that we would like to explore and the possibility that we could have much more realisitc discussions regrading harm reduction in relation to a variety of substances that at present we err on the side of caution with.

I really appreciate the work people do simply by taking the time to post up their reports and questions but sadly the bills although minimal at present still need to be paid.

RE: Donations - wyvern - 21-05-2015

Just sent over 5 quid. This site has provided me with so much information in my brief time here and really helped me to research in a far more responsible manner than I did in the past.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this forum.

RE: Donations - Kompressor - 21-05-2015

See, off to a good start already. Now if the rest can possibly not put all their money up their noses before they can make a transfer You'll know you're dreaming  

It's something and not having ads on the site must make it even more costly.

RE: Donations - neilj - 08-06-2015

Yeah this site could pay for itself with ads, but I completley respect the fact you have chosen not to include them, probably for the best!

I'm also wondering what company would think, yes.... this looks like it has the clientele I'd like to advertise to lol!

I mean we're a great, well educated bunch but I think there's too much stigma attached to the subject.

Donating now, you should make it more clear and people would donate I think. Won't be my first contribution :)

I'm picturing it now, someone makes a post about addiction and their suffering and an ad pops up.... "Would you like to purchase xyz dodgy opiate analogues from xyz dodgy Indian vendor ....


Sorry could you explain a bit more.... I just tried but don't quite understand how I use that address to donate?? I'm a bit crappy with computers considering I was raised in the age of computer technology ;)

RE: Donations - BobsBK - 08-06-2015

Miss Blod,

Could you please send me the bank details so I can make a donation.
I'm in Ireland so I need the account name, BIC and Iban numbers.

Thanks for running this place.