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Skiller - Beat boxing - DOODLE - 10-12-2014

If you haven't heard this battle you need to. I'd love to get a mic and play about. I beat box, i'm good at keeping in time and i have a some nice bass (deep voice) but i find it hard to keep the bass going with like hit hat sounds etc over it. I've never looked at guides or anything. 

Anyway this isn't about me watch this battle: 

I would go as far as saying this is the best battle but check him out.

RE: Skiller - Beat boxing - martymcfly - 10-12-2014

i did some work with reeps years ago, can't remember much about him, think quite shy.

RE: Skiller - Beat boxing - DOODLE - 10-12-2014

An old school buddy when to uniin London and is now one of the top beat boxers in the UK i haven't spoken to him in a long long time but that's what i hear, i'll get his "stage" name.