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RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - Tails - 14-01-2016

(11-02-2015, 07:14 PM)Tweek Wrote:
(11-02-2015, 03:02 PM)dark_knight Wrote: Natural tollerance OMG 2 zops ko me and I use 20mg diaz a day!!

Really? One or two of them and I barely felt anything. When I realised they didn't work for sleep, I would take 4 at a time and just enjoy the effects. I ended up getting a haircut and had no recollection of it. :D

This also happened to me. I was prescribed some a while back, was taking no chemicals at the time and had not for a long while. I suffer with horrible insomnia. It took me 3x 7.5mg Zopiclone to knock me out.. even the three it was not a quick thing. After that initial three and a good nights sleep I used the rest at 1x per night as a sleep aid and just to get back into a routine. It took two packs of the zops with a two week break between packs to sort myself out. I was just under a huge amount of stress which was stopping me from sleeping.

RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - SamwiseFitz - 17-04-2016

It's always been out of stock for me on there.

RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - roi - 17-04-2016

^This thread is 2 years old.

RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - Jonnyhal - 17-04-2016

(17-04-2016, 07:57 PM)roi Wrote: ^This thread is 2 years old.

Must be roughly that since CW last had etizolam

RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - ultraviolet - 24-05-2016

I still have some, sour chemical taste but they work. Can't believe I messed my stocking up so badly, a thousand sounds a lot but at two a day you're on 730 a year, must have been a lack of cash otherwise I would have bought a several thousand when they were plentiful.  

I do have a notion with Etizolam being a medicine it might not be affected, I've ordered antidepressants from online pharmacies and all that's happened is they stung me for Customs duties, this law is so ridiculous and vague if the Police are confused I doubt your average HMRC Inspector will be wasting their time reading foreign medicine boxes, unless you've ordered a baggy full of nondescript pills or a hundred Technicolor foil wraps of God know's what it'll be a quick once over for the Class A stuff and your Etizolam are off to the postman.

Etizolam could also be considered an antidepressant.

RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - studio1one - 24-05-2016

I've still got loads of the sour blue ones knocking around too, not from CW but I am sure they will be the same. Still work.

RE: Chemical Wire Etizolam - usbzu - 24-05-2016

Same :)