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~350µg - Zed - 02-08-2014

I did a 150µg trip report already and also reported positively on a ~300µg experience within that thread, but this tiny bit extra requires a whole new thread...

5'10", 70kg (11 stone); good health, don't drink or smoke. 

With the exception of a bronchodilator and excluding all supplements and nootropics, I have been free from all prescription and non-prescription drugs for almost two weeks and for the purposes of this particular event I didn't take anything in the last 48 hours, bronchos, nootros and supplos included, so this was a pretty clean trip by all accounts - certainly the cleanest I've had to date.

[Trip Report]
Now it's hard for me to say whether I cut off exactly 50µg from the third blotter because I wasn't really measuring it, but I took two and a bit, which I conclude was approx. 350µg - more more than more less.

I set out on my (thankfully short-lasting) adventure with the sole intent of overdoing it. Lucky for me it's the holidays and I'm staying at my parents' house who are both busy with extended shifts at the hospital, so I have plenty of time and space in a very relaxed environment. 

It took about 30 minutes and I was very suddenly, very completely fucked. The only thing I clearly remember at this point was the feeling of "whoops" and telling myself it was probably too much.

I can't say it was a bad experience, it certainly wasn't a 'bad trip', it was just an insanely massive dose to take in one go and I highly underestimated its strength, particularly since it was only a very tiny bit more than an experience I had previously really enjoyed.

Having done similar "experiments" with mushrooms, I can now give a really good comparison between this acid-like drug and the organic miracle that saved me from cluster headaches and gave me a different perspective on life altogether.

There was very little visual appeal to this experience, the usual colour auras and moving textures were there but were little more exciting than a 150µg experience in all honesty. 

What was a lot more prominent on this trip were the trails of movement, i.e., if I were to wave my hand, it was like I was watching the whole movement in slow motion, very interesting and entertaining.

The main feelings here were very different from a big mushroom trip though. With a high dose of mushrooms I had a very unique experience, completely out of my body and my thoughts felt guided and smooth, I didn't feel the need to question anything, I just allowed everything to explain itself and was extremely satisfied with the answers. Such reflection was simply not possible with this dose of AL-LAD. I felt like it was inhibiting my most basic decision making ability by popping up random thoughts whenever I was thinking about doing something.

I should probably have taken some benzos or propranolol at this point but I just really wasn't thinking straight.

Having previously had very pleasant sexual experiences at high doses of mushrooms (both with and without a girlfriend), I felt tempted to give it a bash on AL (solo, for lack of hot neighbours), and thought perhaps the power of some great girl-on-girl action would help take the edge off a little, but did it fuck. I didn't even understand what was going on, it was like I was watching a foreign movie from somewhere in the middle without subtitles. 

The next thing I remember was sitting in the jacuzzi with the bubbles on full. The water was barely warm and I just remember not being able to think straight and trying to force myself to sober up faster, but instead of benzos or propranolol, I finished half a litre of Haagen-Dazs in the jacuzzi, splashing all over the place and mumbling utter bollocks. I couldn't even enjoy the visuals for the biggest part of the trip because I just didn't know what the fuck was happening.

If I've learnt anything from this experience it's that anything between 150-250µg is a good dose. It's a fun experience and it's short-lasting with great visuals and no apparent side effects, but don't overdo it with 300+, it's not LSD and it's absolutely nothing like mushrooms. I had a splitting comedown headache too and did absolutely nothing during the trip to provoke that. I also note the horrible taste on my tongue for the first hour, despite swallowing the blotters within minutes.

[+000] - Forgedaboudid!
[+030] - Whoops.
[+040] - Porn... fail.
[+045] - Jacuzzi.
[+120] - Haagen-Dasz.
[+200] - It's getting better... a little more philosophical but I still can't remember any of it.
[+240] - Just sitting it out now, enjoying the bubbles and watching splashes in slow motion. I imagine this particular experience would have sucked with company.
[+400] - Headache, but at least I didn't drown.

For me, the bottom line is that AL-LAD is a great RC, but it feels like a real "drug" at high doses and so it's only enjoyable in smaller/regular doses. I couldn't use this to get the same experience I got with mushrooms, which I would so dearly love to see in a future RC, especially if it is as short lasting as this.

I won't do this again at 300+, in fact I probably won't do it again at all for a while since I only have a little bit left and don't feel the need to buy any more. Maybe I'll just stick to the organics for now! ;)

Thanks for reading. Thank you

RE: ~350µg - Renton - 02-08-2014

Possibly the best trip log I have ever read.

RE: ~350µg - Tizzy - 02-08-2014

good TR. hopefully you post some more :) unlike some it was easy to read and covered all the relevant info

RE: ~350µg - Zed - 02-08-2014

Cheers guys! Hope it helps someone. Will deffo post another when I try something new. :P

RE: ~350µg - fatherTim - 03-08-2014

brilliant. I laughed a lot reading this. done plenty of shrooms and LSD back in the day so can imagine the mental madness that must have come with this

RE: ~350µg - methoxytryptamine - 04-08-2014

Great TR. I've tried 300ugs twice but they weren't like this. Did you see things defying physics in strange ways? I remember a few times when the ground was swelling and inanimate object bulged and rippled like it was fucking normal. The corner of the room twisted and contorted, breaking bounds of dimensions somehow. I can't accurately recall the image in my mind, the dimensions were all so odd my sober mind can't make sense of it.

RE: ~350µg - Zed - 04-08-2014

(04-08-2014, 03:32 PM)methoxytryptamine Wrote: Great TR. I've tried 300ugs twice but they weren't like this. Did you see things defying physics in strange ways? I remember a few times when the ground was swelling and inanimate object bulged and rippled like it was fucking normal. The corner of the room twisted and contorted, breaking bounds of dimensions somehow. I can't accurately recall the image in my mind, the dimensions were all so odd my sober mind can't make sense of it.

Many thanks. Well, I tried 300µg before but it wasn't like this at all, this was really too much, that tiny bit extra totally overpowered me. I actually enjoyed 300µg previously but I'm starting to wonder if perhaps the prescription drugs that I was taking at the time had some inhibition on the strength, since I can generally recall most of the previous trips quite accurately, whereas this one is just a hazy memory - something like a dream that you forget when you wake up and only remember parts of.

I do vaguely recall some of what you are saying though, especially when I was walking around the house and the walls looked as if they were about to open up. For some reason though I just have no recollection of most of it because I was just too far gone. 

At least with a high dose mushroom trip, I can remember everything as clear as day and even though the physics there were also distorted (beyond explanation), it was somehow relaxing and inspiring, the acid-like AL was just a mindfuck.

RE: ~350µg - Fibonacci - 24-08-2014

I got the feeling first time that one 150 tab was enough for me. Interesting to what it's like when taken further and with comparison to tryptamines.


RE: ~350µg - Blodwyn - 24-08-2014

Can't believe I missed this one of the best tr's ever!

RE: ~350µg - Skree - 24-08-2014

Good read and timely as Al -LAD is my next planned research project. I'm pretty new to the game and learning a drug was something I'd quite forgotten. Expectation has a massive effect on your experience. If you're told it hits like a steam train up your arse and take as you to steam punk hell your going to look for certain things. I'd been disillusioned by trip reports on diphenidines and MXP so reverted to the familiar. I'd done several hundred mushroom and acid trips some thirty years ago, (Christ has itbeenthatlong) whilst I enjoyed sensation based drugs. The usual dark pattern most who stick it out with drugs end up following. Now, a couple of years clean the RC thing came along and curiosity got the better of me. So I thought it wise to explore the ergoloids, the lysergics. I've explored LSZ thoroughly and if you're not looking for acid its great fun, gentle too. Ended up doing five blotters in the first weekend. So Al -LAD next. Can't wait.