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Jiffier Gifs! - Renton - 07-12-2013

I have implemented support to embed GFY's

WHY? you ask.

They're on average 8 times faster loading than .gifs due to being substantially lower in size.
This is a great benefit to our members who have bandwidth restrictions or slow internet.

What is a GFY? Wrote:
A gfy is a short, looped, soundless video moment that includes GIF as one of the available formats.

The name stands for "GIF Format Yoker" (we pronounce it "jiffy"). And the purpose is to bridge the gap between gif and html5 video by providing both-- allowing users much faster delivery, and more playback options

How do I use it?!

You paste the url to a GFY between some GFY tags, example below;

Will display;

Protip: type before the url of ANY .gif to automagically fetch, convert it and take you to its URL.

RE: Jiffier Gifs! - mela - 07-12-2013


And it does take only a jiffy :)

RE: Jiffier Gifs! - Dawnrazor - 07-12-2013

I'm sure the late great Jedi master Mr Sagan (RIP) would be very impressed (....pretty sure he wouldn't have use the word "awesome" to express this tbh, but we'll leave that for now).   I don't have any bandwidth or slow internet issues.  What I do have though is the worlds most mentally ill, utterly fucking.... fucking shit computer!!! for instance the computers clock is set to a particular hour in 2012 & perpetually loops backwards and forwards within this hour & that's not even the half of it, not even close :(   JUST took me 20 min to get off the "what are you listening to page"   I could of done it in 5, but had 6 other tabs open, half of which were endlessly locked, resetting updating etc causing an endless series of crashes & freezes. Rather than break my hand on the screen I just turned it off at the wall. RAR!!!  

I despise this computer with a vengeance + a quite bit more tbh..... and very soon it will be destroyed.

In terms of gifs I anticipate being gif capable somewhere around the spring of the year 2045 (I may revise this date over the coming decades pending developments)   However for my 1st GIF I'm planning to post a GIF of a board looking cat sitting next to a bowl of porridge with some kind of witty caption attached.    Though you will have to be patient as stated.  

One final note... Mr Sagan...?  yes we should clone him (as best we can) and construct a "Truman Show" style enclosure (the wealth of a continent to achieve this would not be too much) to recreate both the man and the mind (again as best we can) and then appoint him God Emperor of earth, and crucially then listen to every single fucking word that he says.  The survivability of the human race & just possibly intelligence in the universe would be considerably considerably improved in this scenario.

RE: Jiffier Gifs! - Renton - 07-12-2013

Oh, Hey there @Dawnrazor ...
erm... that is all...

Have been speaking to the gfy developer in regard to a method that would make all .gif images posted into gfy's.  they're less resource hungry in some cases than .gif's too.

RE: Jiffier Gifs! - Dawnrazor - 07-12-2013

My apologies, I sometimes tangent to far.  Unfortunately on this occasion, as my love for Carl Sagan is so great I just couldn't help committing GBH on this actual topic of this thread.

I was totally impressed with the before and after shots though, and basically understand that gifs were good, and are now even better.   Mission accomplished.

RE: Jiffier Gifs! - 444499 - 31-05-2014

Sorry to be a tard, but there's no need to close the tag? So its just basically a path?