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Mobile Browsing & More - Renton - 19-10-2013

We have recently had some problems with our Tapatalk plugin as you may have noticed.
All of you that use Tapatalk can now access the site with it as you could before.

Whilst it was down I implemented a mobile theme that will automatically display if you view the site through any mobile browser.
(there is a link at the bottom of every page on both themes to switch between the mobile and desktop site)

I personally think we needed a mobile-optimized version of the site for people who do not use Tapatalk anyway, so it is going to stay.
I think it's pretty good considering it doesn't need any new apps to use it and it is far easier to navigate than the regular site theme is on a mobile device.

Also when we implement site-wide always-on SSL (it is coming soon*, we have to iron some things out first though) the mobile theme will also take FULL advantage of it instantly.
When this happens Tapatalk will not communicate using SSL by default, but we can (and will) rectify that pretty quickly after SSL rolls out.

The mobile theme is still going to have to undergo some color scheme modifications to make it more similar to the regular site in the near future, so let's say the mobile theme is in beta at the moment so do not be surprised if you visit and it looks substantially different to the day or hour before.

Just for clarification, Tapatalk will not be going anywhere.  We will keep it implemented permanently.
In fact we have debated the possibility of developing our own mobile app (and we have tested a few prototypes), although this is an incredibly costly move on our part considering the end result will be free for everybody and not contain any ad-support.

Tapatalk is fixed, we now have a mobile theme, SSL is coming soon*

*soon being an arbitrary time in the future

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - Knothing - 19-10-2013

Haven't had a chance to really try this out, but it is far easier to read, and I didn't have one probllem typing this, where as before I would have had many problems, and would have had large amounts of time devoted to trying to get the cursor in the right place to fix the mistake. This is in fact worlking so well with my HTC device I almost don't want to stop typing. Whatever you did Renton its fucking great and I al thankful and totally Impreseed.

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - fatherTim - 19-10-2013

god yes the cursor on phone was a nightmare . much better now.

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - King - 20-10-2013

I second knothings comment. This is fucking awesome! Good work all round guys! :)

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - Jackeh - 20-10-2013

Got a chance to try the mobile theme last night. I like it, good job.

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - marsepaloma - 20-10-2013

wow Renton, the mobile version is just so much better. I guess you spent quite some effort to get it this far. Excellent!

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - Anatta - 21-10-2013

Thumbs up for new mobile version, ta!

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - martymcfly - 21-10-2013

tell me more about the internet?

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - Blodwyn - 21-10-2013

You already know too much Marty....

RE: Mobile Browsing & More - Peaches - 21-10-2013

(21-10-2013, 07:26 PM)martymcfly Wrote: tell me more about the internet?

it's like fishing.. only different..