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Jungle-tek - subordinate - 24-07-2013


New to the forum seeing that most of my output is tunes I thought I'd introduce them here first:

I mostly produce jungle-tek (190bpm Tekno infused with sub bass and breakbeats) but also been known to venture in to other areas mainly slower ones. If you can't handle 190bpm, seeing as the sun's out try this

RE: Jungle-tek - Knothing - 24-07-2013

A minute into Fever and I'm really liking it. I was expecting something to do with Elvis remixed. I used to be a junglist, but now I'm just old.

RE: Jungle-tek - subordinate - 26-07-2013

A remix of Elvis, nice idea but not me :D but thanks and your only as young as you feel here a classic to open your mind 

and a new track born and bred in the us, I know rap lives there but not quite the same