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Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - Renton - 07-07-2013


So recently you may have seen up near your User CP and Private Message links that there is something that says Alerts (0) and you may not know what it is or why it's there.

So now it's time to tell you.
It's a non-PM alerting system that will notify you if something happens on the forum fitting certain criteria. For the time being they are when;

  • Receive alert when quoted in a post?
  • Receive alert when somebody replies to your thread?
  • Receive alert when mentioned in a post?
  • When someone edits your posts
  • When someone deletes your posts
  • When someone deletes your threads
  • When someone opens your threads
  • When someone closes your threads
  • When someone moves your threads in another Forum
  • When someone warns you
  • When someone revokes you an active warning
  • When someone suspends/un-suspends you from posting
  • When someone sets/un-sets your posts to be moderated
  • When someone suspends/un-suspends your signature
  • When someone edits your username

Now, none of these are mandatory. The list may also be subject to change.
You can pick and choose which ones (if any) you would like to trigger an alert for you.
You can change your alert settings Here

Anyway, some information on the alerts;
  • Quoting; Very useful if you are the kind of person to keep engaged in conversation.
  • Thread Replies; Similar to Quoting, honestly not great if a thread of yours turns into a 100page spamfest.
  • Mentioning; Throws you an alert whenever somebody mentions you using the @ tag followed by their username (example, @Blodwyn or @tralala or @Renton).

The rest are notifications related to moderation, for example if the moderation team edits you or your posts for any reason.
Typically you will be PM'd by the staff member if/when this ever happens but we are only human and sometimes we slip with these things.
So these alerts will give you notice and you can bring the problem up with staff members if you have any kind of problem or question about it.
These are on by default, but you can turn them off if you so desire.

Outbound Anonymity

Now, considering the amount of outbound links people post and the quantity that turn out to be .gov (or some other site that may be interested in tracking where you came from) we have implemented a feature that wraps all URLs posted (and all past links) with our 'Anonymizer' script.
What it does is strip your http_referer header so that the site you are being linked to does not know that you have come from UKCR.
We could have used a service such as to do this, but our script uses the same process and is entirely 'in-house', so there is no un-necessary or time wasting redirects.

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - fatherTim - 07-07-2013

dang. liking the url thing.

the alerts are cool too but the url thing is giving my inner geek a semi

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - Renton - 07-07-2013

(07-07-2013, 10:04 PM)fatherTim Wrote: dang. liking the url thing.

the alerts are cool too but the url thing is giving my inner geek a semi

Take it to the showers, Tim.

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - Ste - 07-07-2013

thanks to @Stephen for the suggestion

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - MutantChimp - 08-07-2013

What about unwarranted ad hominem pm's and demerits? Alright. What about cunts who send you stupid, offensive, lying e-mails and give you a negative rep. for something you didn't do? Is popping a cap on the motherfuckers going too far?

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - Blodwyn - 08-07-2013

All crosses we have to bear i'm afraid mutantchimp

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - Renton - 08-07-2013

I have no idea what he said.

RE: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - Knothing - 09-07-2013

Really like this new alerts thing Renton. It is a great addition to the forum. I can see it leading to more conversation as people will have reasons to check threads more often.
Great job!

Re: Alerts & Outbound Anonymity - acidtest - 09-07-2013

Nice work. Cheers.

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