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UKCR is one year old ! - Blodwyn - 09-05-2013

Actually its one year and a month, but we had a small foray into a different board which was pretty rubbish and then transferred to MyBB.

Its been quite a year, we now have in the region of some 1300 members with consistently over 1300 visits a day from members and guests.

Whats really evident is that we are going from strength to strength and its YOU the people and your contributions that have made the forum the success it is.

We have remained independent from any vendors allowing us the freedom to honestly evaluate products and service from many companies, this still makes us unique in our area and I believe is paramount to what we do here providing autonomy and open communication for all members and ultimately making the RC world a much safer and enjoyable place.

I'd also just like to thank my incredible team, Renton for keeping things ticking along on the technical front, Mango for his unfaltering loyalty and rational cool head. Knothing for advice and support from all the way in the USA, Chairman Meow for just being a star.
Tralala for being more than a mod and keeping me calm and on track, Mela for her incredible knowledge and the ability to deal with any situation in the calmest manner possible, and last but not least to Mr Blod for being the yin to my yang, encouraging me when things have been tough, pouring the wine and being my guardian angel.

The biggest thanks however go to all of you for visiting every day, putting up with some of the dramas (hopefully all in the past), the loyalty that you have shown some of you following me around for the last three years or so and sharing the good times, I cant thank you all enough I truly feel privileged that UKCR has bought so many incredible people into my life - here's to many more great years keeping each other safe and informed! We DO make a difference thumbup
Blod x

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - Ste - 09-05-2013

happy birthday ukcr and happy forum bday to everyone else joined the forum on this day last year

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - fatherTim - 09-05-2013

God bless us everyone

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - tralala - 09-05-2013

Happy Birthday UKCR & a big up to Blod, who's managed to keep it up & running through seas stormy & calm.
I've not been here a year yet, though it's probably a year since I first started lurking before I finally took the plunge!

I'm slowly (very!) getting to grips with how these newfangled forum things work, & there will still, no doubt, be panicky private shouts to other mods when I break stuff or am having a crisis of indecision! (Hi Renton, Mela & Chairman Meow!)

I've had times of ridiculously obsessive forum consumption (mostly chemically induced!), where I've felt like it's taken over my life, and times when I haven't had time to be around much, but a happy medium appears to have been reached now.

What I love most about this forum, is that there's always someone around to help & offer emotional/technical/chemical support & knowledge, whether it's someone having a massive wobble or just a query.
Oh, & there's some very funny people about as well! Wave

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - DayTrippa - 09-05-2013

This is the only forum I've ever been on where everyone isn't being two-faced shits to each other and the mods aren't abusing their power!

I was aware of other places, like bluelight, but I'd given up on ALL internet fora a few months before stumbling across UKCR as I was sick of it all. However, as I read a few pages I noticed a different feel here, some noticeable minds, so I signed up.

I haven't yet been around long enough to work out why it's like it is, but I really hope it stays that way.


[Image: Happy-Birthday.png]

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - Blodwyn - 09-05-2013

It because there is a humanistic element, MOST of the time its pretty laid back with a few exceptions but as Tralala pointed out people here actually care there have been some incredible threads detailing support and help, and people really can get answers here without being made to feel like a complete bell end....I think thats it, oh and of course Mother Blod worrying about you all.....

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - Toucan - 09-05-2013


RE: UKCR is one year old ! - Mistaken - 09-05-2013

(09-05-2013, 10:19 AM)DayTrippa Wrote: This is the only forum I've ever been on where everyone isn't being two-faced shits to each other and the mods aren't abusing their power!

Give us time excited LOL

I echo what Blod and tralalalalala have said its the human element and the lack of huge egos that make this place special.

If anyone has any ideas of how they would like to see the forum move forward or ideas we can use in general to improve the forum, then feel free to put it out there. We cant promise to do everything but this forum is for all of us and anything that benefits the community is surely a good thing *cool*

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - Hausschuhe - 09-05-2013

Thank you, guys, for facilitating this community and basically making the world a little bit more fun and a hell of a lot safer. xx

RE: UKCR is one year old ! - syrp - 09-05-2013

Happy Birthday. Made it to see you reach one...Gratz to us both !