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25D nbome - Dimitri BlastoFF - 25-04-2013

Last week I tried 25d nbome as I was lucky enough to get a sample from AJ-Blotters.The following is a report that I wrote as I was taking them.I had tried 2 600ug tabs in a club 5 days previous to this report and had tried 25c nbome the wk-end previous to that so some tolerance is expected.The time in the club was a very nice euphoric and energetic evening with a great live band(Olive Tree Dance).Although I didnt notice very pronounced visuals.only a very slight enhancing of colours but the mind space I experienced was beautiful and reminiscent of a low dose of mushrooms.It was quite stimulating and I danced quite happily all night long.My recorded trip is as follows with as little editing as possible to keep true to the experience.

3.27: Take 2 600ug of 25d and place between cheek and gum,sweet bitter taste.

3.53: Getting slight visual awareness...even the keyboard seems slightly wider.

4.07: My eyes are slightly dilated....definite feeling of a psychedelic nature.

4.17: Swallowed the spit 50 minutes after I first placed the tabs in. don't know if its tolerance or not but there is definitely a certain feeling of psychedelic I'm tripping but not so much vision is getting more wavy but I could just be in high spirits with a bit of wishful thinking...if I dont realise more of a feeling in 45 minutes I'll take another 2 tabs

4.24: Up to this point I had been chatting with someone online and had forgotten to throw music on..I'm feeling a very nice"tingle" now that I have music a low dose of shrooms at the moment but more aware/clear headed.

4.30: I sit back with eyes closed to listen to feels nice and wavy just like the usual come up on certain chemicals

4.40: Toilet test..eyes extremely platey...keyboard unreal....still very clear headed though!!

4.45: My left leg is tingling like theres worms instead of veins haha not uncomfortable though...think I may be concentrating more on the report then on the trip..time for a redose I appreciation is absolutely beautiful with a feeling of light electricity tingles through my legs...might go for a walk soon.

4.50: I take another 2 tabs

5.05: I'm definitely feeling more structured visually in a way thats almost like a microscope..I can focus in on small details and they really pop out at me but not in a vivid in your face kind of way(contradictory i know)..more like a secondary hallucination,you know its there but it never fully reveals itself.thoughts are getting slightly harder to process but only just...

5.10: Neck feels loose...could do with a massage.

5.17: Arms are restless but not in an uncomfortable way

5.24: I almost feel more sober....strange???...we'll see

5.35: Was watching a music video"pharmacore-sigma" much clarity in it that Ive never seen before.swallowed the spit from the 2nd 2 tabs

5.43: Very much like a good dose of mushrooms but with insane clarity and presence

5.52: Slight stomach pins an needles but not as fierce..

6.09: Mind-space is beautifully colourful but actual vision(oev's or cev's) seems more clear then wavy or anything,feel like I should be naked..good idea!!

6.31: Bollox naked with a nice mix on the soundsystem..nice incense burning...smiling ear to ear

6.47: MUSIC APPRECIATION IS THROUGH THE ROOF...and unfortunately for the neighbors through the wall!!!

7.34: Perhaps a delayed buzz as I now feel very very euphoric?? still not quite visual enough though.listening to some dark psy...feeling up again.....sunlight is best..good morning!!!

I fell asleep at some stage in the next 2 hours

2.22 Woke up happy as the proverbial larry no noticeable hangover type feelings but maybe a little bit of residual stimulation..a definite nice afterglow

All in all I quite liked this experience as I also did the night in the club.It certainly gives you a great eurphoric touch and is very managable in social least it was for me!!! Both nights I tried it I didnt notice the visuals ever getting more then just a very slight wavy distortion or moments of extreme clarity...more so at the begining of the trip but the overall psychedelic feeling and glowing mindspace was beautiful. I will definitely be trying this again soon but perhaps in an outdoor setting this time.

Thanks AJ

RE: 25D nbome - Blodwyn - 25-04-2013

Great report Dimitri thanks for posting this!

RE: 25D nbome - Dimitri BlastoFF - 25-04-2013

No probs....will be getting more soon I think to try out a in few different settings...I think it would be great for a walk in the woods!!

RE: 25D nbome - Mona Lisa - 25-04-2013

Sounds fab

RE: 25D nbome - Dimitri BlastoFF - 25-04-2013

yeah it was quite interesting and sometimes contradictory haha but overall Id have to say my favourite of the few Ive tried(25i,25c,25d)...only remotely negative comment would be that the visuals never quite got there for me...must do a bit more experimenting though!!

RE: 25D nbome - Ste - 25-04-2013

Nice report

sounds nice for a not too visual experience. Might have to give it a try soon

RE: 25D nbome - Dimitri BlastoFF - 25-04-2013

I really did enjoy the head-space and got quite stimulated from was visual but not visual..quite odd really!!! but then again maybe thats just me. I havn't had any "major" visuals from any of the nbomes Ive tried really,even though I've read many reports of vivid trips.. so maybe its down to my own body's reaction to them. I feel like 25c was the most visual for me so far but preferred the 25d for the euphoria I gained from it. Ive yet to try 25b though and from my reading up its seems to be the most visual of the lot,but then again everyone seems to vary widely on the subject.

RE: 25D nbome - Ste - 25-04-2013

25b is very visual but it's mostly just patterning. Half a blotter completely blinded me with them for a good few hours

RE: 25D nbome - Anarch - 25-04-2013

(25-04-2013, 08:36 PM)Stephen Wrote: 25b is very visual but it's mostly just patterning. Half a blotter completely blinded me with them for a good few hours

On a couple of blotters I've had rainbow colours of explosions, entering a certain point of what im looking at completely (if you get what i mean)

I just love that if you feel like it you can just seemingly switch the visuals off (mostly) or get them extremely strongly when you want to. Extremely forgiving psych.

RE: 25D nbome - Dimitri BlastoFF - 25-04-2013

Yeah that rings true with alot of what I've read..definitely next on the list I think. How would ye compare the visuals of 25b with any of the other main ones?? if you have tried them that is???