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To point out im having no luck with the 'UKRC50' coding on your 3-FPM, something i would be interested in
Logging off here now but email me i can sort any order from there Thanks

Have a good evening folks
Nope just tried again and nowt, i also noticed it was impossible to change quantitys in your cart after the initial adding at least for what i tried. Your site guy needs and emergency call out
Ok thanks i`m on it
Hi know im late to party but would love to test your ak or eph large...I have lots of posts n willgive feedback
You are very late my e-mail was pinging constantly and still is...samples of AK and Synthacaine left so drop me an e-mail with your address and i will post out 1st class monday
(23-01-2015, 06:49 PM)Blodwyn Wrote: "UKRC Chemicals, is a well known and trusted supplier of Research Chemicals in Europe"

"UKRC is always at the cutting edge of the industry, delivering up novel compounds before anyone else, leading the way with quality control and innovation, and the place where even researchers who aren’t yet our customers come to find out the latest news, chemicals and information."

Those are very big statements to make could you please provide the members with some evidence to back up these claims.  You surely must have some because you wouldnt just say that would you?

Hello given the recent flurry of activity on the thread you may have overlooked my questions i sure you will be happy to respond now things are a bit quieter :-)
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Asked for ak sample to make own noids...looking forwarrd to getting

Ah email just bounced back.....

Ah email just bounced back.....
http://www.ukrc-chemicals.com coupon UKRC50 was only vaild for 7 days hence why it would`nt work yesterday,This week we are offering 30% off with UKRC30
(24-01-2015, 07:35 PM)henrik7 Wrote: Yes I received my sample promptly today. Have been insuffulating & results have been comparable with CW stock. All in all good stuff.

Usual comedown, wanting to kill myself & have a week to sort myself out or im out the house. So yes product was good quality. So reminds me of a now banned substance called methylone

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