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My sample just arrived. Good packaging, I'll let you know how the product is when I've tried it later
My sample arrives today! Very well packed. Will report back once tested!
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Got mine thru today, cheers ukrc-chemicals.

Good packaging and well labled.

I got eph crystals....will be testing shortly so will update later.

Some eph fell up my nose and feels good, love the rush...forget how nice eph is, i dont do it to often as my nose feels like a nuke went off next day or that a slug crawled up in to my nose and died and falls out....sorry to talking shit lol.

Anyways it lovely stuff, he offered a gram but never double checked by weighing it.

After having two lines i decided to weigh it, so minus two lines it weighs bang on a 1g.

Normally get crystal eph from another vendor(rarely)for cheaper if buying 1g. The apparent top vendor brc has same price as you but your only paying for there name like buying cloths like nike, its just a t-shirt with a tick on, doesnt mean its better than everyone else's. Thats how brc come across to me. Someone stop me talking haha.

What im saying is id drop the price on your eph, not looked at the other chem prices on your site.

Overall service was good fast response to emails and fast despatch. Will make a order next week to put review on SOS, but will still review you by the end of weekend on sos but as sample received review with out rating because you cant really review on sos without making a proper transaction of cash.

Sorry about rambaling bolloxs lol
Taken all comments on board spoken with my website guy and the site will be reviewed and changed over the coming days, we will be adding more products over the coming weeks.I will review and drop my prices accordingly in the next few days. Lots of emails regarding free samples all free samples were posted out yesterday and some will go out Monday but these are all gone now but i will be posting some offers next week
Will you be stocking any rc benzo's (say yes to powder)at some point?.
Yes next month the product range will more than double
Is 'UKRC50' code no longer valid?
It is yes on 2 gram products

Just tried it not applying will sort it asap not sure why it`s stopped working
I asked for and promptly recieved a generous sample, not weighted it but looks like a gram.
As borderline says the packaging was a the better end of the spectrum; normal baggie/label inside a sturdy mylar bag so all good on those fronts and thank you Neil. will report findings on the relevant thread.
The stock is stim based at present; is it mainly benzos you are adding or will there be any psychedelics?
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Yes I received my sample promptly today. Have been insuffulating & results have been comparable with CW stock. All in all good stuff.

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