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Hi guys and girls a quick introduction to who we are,welcome to UKRC this is our new venture.

We have many years researching experience and decided to branch out offering top quality chemicals with great customer service.Our website currently stocks carefully selected chemicals with new ones coming soon.

To get the ball rolling and build our reputation we are offering a number of free samples so take a look at our site choose a 1g product and drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Also use code UKRC50 on any 2 gram product and receive 50% off

More offers to follow next week so keep an eye out,we look forward to been of service 


Just sent email, not had a free sample in years, who would ignore a chance of a freebie.
Exactly everyone loves something for free just got your email...can anyone emailing please include your address thanks
What's the url for your site?
Thanks a lot, just sent an email
Email sent just now my friend.

Edit. In luck & prompt reply with free sample on its way. Will give this guy a fair go & if it proves as good if not better than previous CW offerings & the 50% offer is still on then my next 5g order may well go his way.

Many Thanks to Neil & the team.
Just received thanks your sample will be sent out 1st class today.....All free samples now used up and posted out thanks for all the e-mails look forward to seeing some reviews on our products over the next few days
Ill tranafer my review over to here when im back from graft bud
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
Yeah there isn't a single chemical that is worth researching even for the literally its eph and mpa with mxp 3 very ,VERY common chems. Even the Synthcain is mpa and lidocaine. Yum the rat says? But thanks and best of luck ?
love the world and it will love you back. chin

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