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(04-10-2012, 03:14 PM)SirBors Wrote: DISCLAIMER: This is really fucking hard, I welcome everyone to give it a shot though.

Fair play Sir!

I used to write a lot in my tortured teens (over 20 years ago) & still have a couple of books of them (age 12-19!) but I just haven't had the poetic urge myself since life took over & misery became temporary & optional!
So...am more than happy to leave the words to everyone else, unless the urge ever takes me again!
This.....is real life
Good work chaps!!

I'll try & post some teen darkness later...my 40's angst probably wouldn't be as impressive (if i actually wrote it!)
This.....is real life
Lol tra 40's angst I identify with this :-)
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

I've written some poems on this forum, can't find them back though. They're masterpieces.
"Sending this one out to nasa, mission control to pete tong...,

[email protected]
Chairman Meow and SirBors, you both deserve to have some rep points for that I think, laying your own work open to public criticism like that. I've not written anything satisfies my own inner critic in decades, and I used to be pretty creative with languages generally too, descriptive prose pieces something I was always particularly strong at, and also really enjoyed the challenge of taking a Latin poet set text and seeing if I could do anything like the free and fluid translation of the better Classicists, even if it strayed from the actual text a little literally, so long as the sense of the poem as a whole was maintained. Never was as satisfied with my efforts as I'd have liked in such lofty company, but still. Yeah, yeah, I know, so I'm a Latin geek, but I just loved the thing and was dead good at it. Big regret bailing on my A-Levels year 2 and not taking it to degree level.

And Geeza, Gil Scott Heron goes without saying fella, course it does. ;) In similar vein, only very slightly earlier, same kinda late 60s New York black consciousness counter-culture thing going on:


This.....is real life
Dear Pam, I know I'm in my 40,s but will you adopt me?

This.....is real life
Still one of my favorite poems. So sad.

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This.....is real life

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