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^ this.
I didn't go in at the deep end don't worry! I wouldn't do that anyway far too sensible. I didn't have any at all in the end it's just there for a rainy day. Ill let everyone know how shite it is when I get around to it. Thanks for the info all.
Right then. Gave this a go last weekend. Me and 3 mates had some. We had 2g between us and the consensus was...

It's actually pretty good. It's about on par with what people pay £40 for of a weekend (if ya know what I mean). This just displays how crap street stuff is, rather than a glowing review of synthacaine. Effects were mood lift, stimulation, chattiness. Some jaw tension was noted, and funnily enough everyone noticed a bit of horn. Its nothing special, but for the price it's a good alternative to illegals I'd say.

I'd reccomend some etiz just incase. Sleep was fine after 1 of those.

Oh and I have no idea as to what the contents might be. Nothing like eph certainly.
Where did you get it from?
That was from chemicalwire
Cheers m8
I have to concur that is pretty good. I know it's a branded chem and it's a lottery but my first try last night was like spending a pound on a scratchcard and winning fifty quid; there is little euphoria but there's a pronounced mood lift, lots of energy and the urge to chat bollocks. 500 mgs lasted me about 4-5 hours after working my way up from very small bumps to decent lines. A big line could deliver some definite euphoria and something vaguely reminiscent of the old B2/JGG as long as your getting the good stuff out of the barrel. Also I found it very easy on the nose.

Very little comedown felt slightly hot when I was falling and ever so slightly dizzy once or twice. Only potential dissausive factor was some sporadic discomfort down the left side, under my arm so may have a slight strain on the old ticker (still getting this about once every two to three hours today but resting heart rate is 72).

Managed to get a good bite to eat of fruit, yoghurt and a berocca. I Took two etizolam and was away in pretty good time but I imagine the comedown is gradual and could be handled without (possibly).

Slightly drained and a little emotionally dark this morning (I get the guilt-trips) but I am typing this at three in the afternoon and I feel surprisingly happy after a tidy around the house. The lack of comedown today is a real pleasant surprise which is a major factor for me.

Overall it's pretty good and I would try again. I'd say 7/10 overall 6 for the ride and +1 for the next day.
Good report Sim.
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Quite like the synthacaine from chemicalwire also. Nothing special but neither is street charles.
I had this once when it first arrived on the scene years ago. I remember thinking "this would be a superb bulking agent, for a certain South american shrub containing "chin stroking" properties. I remember a very very slight mood lift, my entire nose was numb too. People thought at the time that it would have similar properties to Cola

It had all but died away but for one or two vendors. Suppose it would work for toothache and that

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