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does it sting when insufflated?
From what I gather it has a numbing effect. Maybe mixed with dmc?
I have had this quite a few times and I think it is pretty good. If it has a numbing effect it is a very light one, but because there is no accepted chemical formula it could be a number of different things each time you try, so it could be lidocaine in some batches. I have had it from CW and I prefer it to all the other 'fake cocaines' that have been out. I once tried one someone had called Charlie Sheen. The chuckle I got from the name was the best thing I got from it. That was just lido, caffeine and methiopropamine I think.

Obviously synthacaine is crap compared to any half decent coke, but as a legal alternative, especially if you are pretty pissed up, it is a good alternative. Most of the RC stims I try are OK and I enjoy them, but I don't have any desire to use them again. Synthacaine I have been back to a few times when I have been going out drinking.
only one out of the batches i've had numbed much the rest have stung in various amounts.
What's the dosage with this. I have some in hand.
(16-11-2012, 06:25 PM)ragingboy Wrote: What's the dosage with this. I have some in hand.

The recommended dose? None. It's rubbish.
Synthacaine, being a made-up name, could refer to any chemical or mixture thereof. Unfortunately that makes it impossible to give a recommended dose.
Excellent! In all honesty I'm not expecting much, just a way of passing some time haha. It's been suggested that it's demethocaine and camfet. Which would explain why it's utter shite. I'll just jump in at the deep end then...
Crap when I tried whatever it was in the so called ... whatever... shit...dont bother....
please dont just jump in at the deep end with unknown blends/chems ragingboy.
its insanely dangerous.
start with an allergy test and move up in 5mg / 10mg increments.

if you get into the habit, one day youl be glad for it!

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