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I've been reading some good things about this supplement so I ordered 25 grams from ebay. So far I've tried half a gram a week ago and noticed some stimulation, again a few days later and noticed nothing, then again yesterday 750mg and nothing. I believe tolerance increases so that may be the reason. I'm planning to may be try a gram then go for a long run.

It sounds like a pretty good and long lasting stim all round, like a less wired and more natural feeling of motivation as comnpared to modafinil. Has anyone tried it and have any advice for me?

Btw. buy caps it tastes horrible, absolutely vile (and I routinely drink kratom). Makes your pee smell too.

edit: reading up on longecity some people are saying it reduces creativity slightly. Too focused perhaps?
I’ve been using sulbutiamine from time to time for two years now and  find it very helpful. I buy caps from Mindnutrition.
When I feel I need it, I usually take 600mg in the morning and 300mg more in the afternoon. I allows me to be very efficient when I have long working days.

I recently tried Kratom for its stimulating effect (I’m used to its relaxing effects), and it’s way too present for what I need. What I like with sulbutiamine is there’s no come up, no euphoria. At a moment it’s here, my mind is more alert and I feel more focused.
I haven’t noticed any decrease in creativity, but you may loose your point while being very focused.
I am actively using this. It is very effective for increased alertness and focus. I would say it limits creativity as much as a few cups of coffee does. It does taste horrid (like a bitter xanthine), but it's not impossible to get used to. I would recommend going gel-cap on this one though.

Effective dose is 300-600 mg for me. Too much in the evening makes me feel hot during night, and feel less well-rested the next day. 

A lot of people (on Longecity, for one) say tolerance builds up quickly. I concur, but the tolerance isn't massive. By the way, price-wise: go for the raw powdered product. Pellets are (as usual) a lot more expensive.
After about 5 goes on this between 600-800mg's, so far de nada. I may have a tolerance but was expecting more than this. Also reading the longecity I see a fair few don't seem to get effects from it, asd I didn't with thiamine either. Will probably try again on a rainy day. Anyway thanks for the feedback.
I also bought Sulbutiamine from ebay and got very little from it which made me question whether it was bunk.  It did taste awful though.
When I take some, my pee has a strong different smell. I checked, I'm not the only one.
Might be a way to know if what you got is Sulbutiamine.
It made my wee smell very strong also, and tasted absolutely awful as per reports. I know that's no guarantee. I'll try with a few higher doses and see what happens, though like Hanns I got it from ebay which I don't think I'll be doing again/ It's slightly cheaper there, and yes I only buy from vendors which have decent reviews, but even so I don't think it's worth it now (having also bought thiamine and phenibut which I think was a bit substandard from there).
Yeah any nootropics ive had off ebay were shite compared to the legit stuff
It does smell funny, reminds me of some "fruit flavored" chewable multivitamins I used to take, if the stuff is legit there would be no question with a 300-600mg dose whether it is working or not its quite powerful stuff.

To overcome the tolerance issues we've found that it works best stacked with other nootropics or used only "as needed"

[email protected]
Cognition Tuning

I like sulbutiamine, about 300-600mg a day seems nice, a little stimulation, but unlike amphetamines, caffeine, etc, it feels healthier. It's really mild, you're not supposed to notice much recreational effect from nootropics, it's more of a long term daily dose thing, but I notice a little stimulation. It's supposed to affect dopamine, could possibly reduce stimulant tolerance. It's obviously going to benefit anybody who might have some thiamine deficiency, that's what it was made for.

It may be because I am a recovering coeliac & possibly suffering from a B1 deficiency, but it feels nice, harmless, healthy, mild stimulation & it seems to have improved my vision a little.

Not going to do it all the time, but every day until the cheap 50g I ordered off ebay runs out. It seems nice.

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