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songs I´ve recorded, any other musicians here?
I´ve decided to share a few little projects/tracks of mine that I recorded over the last 3 years or so. I am the only one performing Vocals/guitars/drums/piano on all my tracks, then layer them up to make a one man band lol. I know this style of music is not everybody´s cup of tea :P what I create makes me happy, and that´s exactly why it has been the most therapeutic hobby I´ve ever taken up, anyway have a listen if you want you might at least like one lol, plus it would make my day grouphug

any other musicians out there with some sound to share, please let me hear them, you might find yourself a new fan and I might find some inspiration!

My most recent acoustic one, after taking a 2 year music break to gain some inspiration and focus on voice control and clarity. came to the conclusion that my voice doesn´t have deeper tones, so gotta work with what I have, so now I focus on upper range and clarity.

Very old acoustic one, was still getting to know my voice better and trying out my luck on the piano, so much fun!

Recent Metal/rock sample, I wish I had some decent gear to record these in better quality :( no vocals
Did a lot of instrumentals while taking my vocal break!

All these full instrument tracks need vocals lol

well, that all for now, let me have a listen to your work too, if any, I have a very wide taste range so my ears are open to anything!

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