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I have noticed the figures hitting 1.6/1.7 k quite a number of times recently, that is a lot of people, 1 person is also a lot btw. I wonder if it is possible to know what kind of range of peeps or ip adds these figures constitute. Not for myself of course just in general. Is it the same people coming back and back every day, or do we have twice the number of people coming here every other day, or 7 times the number of people coming here once a week etc, you get the idea.

Also do they like our music philosophy & batshit crazy ramblings (mine especially of course, lol) and visit the off topic threads or the threads that start on topic & then descend or ascend in to gibbering fruitloopery with a vengeance. lol. A few recent joiners have said that they did. tbh with you anyone that just talks and is interested in drugs should visit the docter.

Congratulations to all the mods and also especially to the non mods who are conceptually speaking more vulnerable to the notion that they don’t deserve or merit congratulations.

We are highly addictive people doing highly addictive things in a highly addictive word (a world that basically creates this site and us) No surprise that joe bloggs keeps on coming back to check his radio times guide to chems & just maybe to see what’s going on in the chemed version of eastenders.

Keep it real, keep it interesting, and keep it special.
All comprehension is temporary, understand nothing, try to understand everything.
It's the batshit crazy ramblings that keep me coming back Dawnrazor. Not that I'd ever be involved in anything like that you understand, oh no, you'd never catch me hijacking threads with OT surrealism or anything like that. I yam very, very sensible I yam. blink


Good skills I reckon on the 1000+ a day. If only we could get more of them to register and post, get some more new blood onboard. I dunno what more we could do, I think in the main we're a friendly bunch go out of our way to be welcoming and encourage new members to join in but I guess so long as they're finding good information here ( which I think they are ) that's the main thing isn't it, the site's doing the job it was set up to do, so all gravy. Happy
I know Sepher we have been round this countless times and I think I have come to the conclusion if people want to join up they will. Its been mooted a few times to me that people feel a little intimidated as the regular posters seem very knowledgeable and people feel they wont be able to add anything to the forum, but I always think everyone's experiences are valuable, no question is unimportant enough not to be answered.
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

People will join in when they feel ready. If you look at the when joined list just in this thread there is members from different months.

Lot's of people read the threads and use the information without contributing, but hey what can you do? Happy
Let them enjoy the fantastic resource we have Mes that's what we can do!!! (and maybe talk about Rugby more often)
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

(21-01-2013, 02:16 AM)King Wrote: Now that my man is a beautiful sight!

On a side note I have a mango tree in my garden so if your ever homeless give us a whistle. You will have to watch out for the bats here tho they are fecking huge and they just luuuurve your kind.

..little mangos or big fat ones?

..opportunity for a photo of australian bat orphans..

[Image: Fruit%2BBats.jpg]

..altogether now.. 1..2..3.. awwww..

..now get them on the barbie mate..
Oh my God.....why are they wrapped in dusters though?
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

(21-01-2013, 10:29 AM)Blodwyn Wrote: Oh my God.....why are they wrapped in dusters though?

Obviously very house proud ! :)
Makes them a bit more absorbent when you wash your windows and stuff with 'em Blodwyn, though they're not especially easy to wring out. Or alternatively, bat nappies. You seen how much guano comes out of a bat? Disgusting creatures.*

*May be a lie. I love bats, big or small. .
Ha ha that reminds me a drug fuelled binge many moons ago when a friend of mind got stuck in a loop saying Bat Guano and Bat poo alternatively for about an hour....
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]


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