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psychosis, paranoia, plant food and new builds
well... as I was quite fully prepared to explain to any protestors that gathered at my door on Sunday morning... blow job porn is actually an underrated art form... In my opinion its a niche market enjoyed by a more discerning punter... the performance and skills required by both cock and mouth are, if a superior and unique performance is to be captured on film with the required intimacy and intensity far more demanding but also far more rewarding than that of the standard mouth, pussy, ass and back to mouth again routine that most porn goes for...

but you can't blame the porn... or the drugs. Its my fucking neighbors they need to keep the noise down! They're disturbing me and its unacceptable...

But you seem know about the paranoia... you seem to know exactly where i'm coming from here... and you didnt get that from watching walt disney late at night did you? Go on then... whats your niche?

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
So this blowjob porn, is it POV? Or just people in frame getting them? Who is the jap's eye character? 

And do they do albino midget blowjob porn because then I could win a bet.

And I thought it was you worried about being heard indulging in frenzied (and strangely engagingly shameless) masturbation over.......perhaps excessively-evolved material? Now they're disturbing you?

Psychic TV first made me paranoid. Excellent freaks.

Bless this thread and all who sail in her.....Surely if you're that paranoid about your neighbours hearing your blowjob porn, you'd just not play it? (That would be my tactic if that way inclined, anyway)

Also, have you ever indulged/been indulged in the 'real thing' at home (god I sound like a pervert now, but this is a genuine interested question) and if so, was there any neighbour reaction?

Is there any possibility that they think you are actually partaking in blowjob porn and are just jealous?

I don't mean to make light of your paranoia, because when it hits, it's no joke, but your last post suggests that you're taking it in a more humorous vein now.

What's my niche? My niche of course!
This.....is real life
ok so to clarify... I became addicted (not that I needed or need help or anything just took and take more than is healthy or wise) to plant food (which is now RC's mdai + stim) and developed a fetish for blow job porn...

blow job porn doesnt have to be POV but most is and there is a director that pioneered the POV style called Jonni Darkko... titles including "suck it dry" "sloppy head" and "facial overload" although I do believe he has recently lost his way, run out of ideas... gone way over the top... too much fluid... too much throat gagging... too much everything... but there is plenty of other stuff out there, sometimes the more obscure stuff is even better... Jonni Darkko is what you would call main stream hollywood porn... but he still had a good run with certain titles...

now then, the usual format for such a movie (or scene rather) would begin with an outrageously beautiful girl delivering the filthiest dialogue on the subject of sucking cock or taking facials or what ever... that will be followed with the action during which the dialogue usually continues (between slurps and other associated noises)... then there is a pause for more dialogue so the girl can affirm her desire for a blasting or a mouthful or whatever which she gets in copious amounts... then more often than not she will thank the audience, thanks the cock and sometimes even ask for more... I'm sure you get the idea by now...

now then... my paranoia (which turns to psychosis) is that my neighbours can here all this filthy dialogue (for some technical reason with my laptop combined with the sound proofing problems of a new build flat) and tolerate it through the night but when it gets to 5am or 6am get really pissed off and decide to confront me...

the thing is... to appreciate this kind of movie fully... you need the dialogue... so you get caught up in this paranoid dilemma of playback then stop to listen for a reaction from the neighbours... playback then stop... playback then stop... the dialogue and general movie sounds are irresistible but the paranoia and guilt associated with subjecting the neighbors to the same soundtrack becomes unbearable and highly distressing...

All of this adds up to a very good reason not to get high and watch porn.

And yes we can hear each other have sex sometimes nobody complains or bangs or anything...

"Surely if you're that paranoid about your neighbours hearing your blowjob porn, you'd just not play it? "


thats the difference between men and women isnt it.

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
I had the paranoia when doing anything! You joke about Walt Disney, but I can assure you that I did have The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh playing more than once during RC-induced psychosis.

Anyway, that post is a great read on blow job porn. Not something I expect to read when I come on these forums lol

Glad to hear you took advice and are seeing things clearly now :)
Amazing. You're in there like swimwear with the BP eh? It's like you're tasting wine right down to individual tannins. I suppose theres a lot of variables, shaft length, glob-speed, drool volume, eye contact, how many times he dare ignore the safety word, look down at her or up at the ceiling, can he cross his arms behind his head without looking too smug, lipstick colour, tongue piercing, talking or not, is it time to try that angry dragon thing, the list is endless. But you're still a sick little monkey.

You'd be well-advised to stay off stims for a while if you're feeling persecuted. A stim psychosis is one of those events that it's literally impossible to see from within. Ground teeth, clenched jaw, short temper, lack of empathy, unwillingness to socialise, loss of friends, family disconnect, shit street. If the walls are listening, time for a break. Sooner the better because a stim psychosis from a big habit is about six months to recover from. 

And for god's sake, put the sound on the tv and listen to your porn using a single earplug/headphone. That way, no one can possibly hear either the dirty nosh dialogue or you beavering away. But you can still hear next door through your free ear. If you causally connect what you hear next door with what's in the earphone (which next door can't possible here) then maybe it's pro help time.

But it wouldn't surprise me at all if this BP wasn't just a big nob joke.
It did cross my mind once when I was expecting an irate visit at 7am one morning that I could outsmart them by knocking on their door and saying "would you mind keeping the volume down on those films you watch at night please..."

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.

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