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psychedelic album recommendations
this for a start I suppose...although all their stuff is great if ya like ol shcool synth soundin stuff...which I'd say you do

Possibly a bit of this to break it up afterwards..

and a bit of this to finish off with

Then finish off with your own favourite....time for beddy byes music type thing thumbup
There's No Such Thing As Madness, Only Different Degree's Of Sanity...
Awesome guys thanks for all your recommendations. I will give full consideration to all your suggestions when I've got a couple of hours to go through them all. Cheers.
hi steve, dimitri's recommend of hallucinogen in dub MUST be seconded. or anything by shpongle or eatstatic. So many good deep house mixes on youtube that are 1-2 hours.
Another must is soma radio. Go to their site, and they have a few stations, all in the trippy/trancy place. All stations are a constant stream with next to no talking. You download a tiny vlc player link, and you can choose from different bit rates and compression ratios to suit your internet connection.
Then just hit the link, and it opens in vlc player, and your good for ever. lol, I think i've had the groove salad link open for over 24 hours once.
: )
And now youtube seems to put selections on a loop, so if you find a good session like hallucinogen in dub live, at 1.5 hours, it'll just start again, avoiding that sudden crashing silence hitting peak trip.

I don't know if you like your dubby trance steve, and i've just linked this on the what you listening to thread, but it's so good, gonna link again here. A wonderful slow burner.

(05-06-2013, 09:53 PM)DayTrippa Wrote: The Division Bell by Pink Floyd is, in my humble opinion, THE album to listen to when tripping.

But it all depends what your individual groove is Happy

I will have to try this next trip
Thanks again for the suggestions guys. The psy-trance suggestions went down nicely!

Holy fuck this is first on my playlist for my next trip


The Division Bell as previously suggested has gotta be up there.

From the 60s - Love - Forever Changes - has to be one of the most psychedelic albums ever.

My brain isn't quite working at the moment but will come back with more once it's up and running again.
good choice acidtest it is one i have in my collection
here is another blast from the past

01. Diodo - 3:50
02. Metamorphosis - 3:00
03. Microchaos - 2:42
04. Compression - 2:48
05. Equilibrium - 3:54
06. Dipnoi - 2:48
07. Distillation - 3:43
08. Violence - 3:01
09. Equivalence - 2:33
10. Psycho-Nebulous - 4:52
11. Uncle Jim/Diodo - 2:43

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