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psychedelic album recommendations
damn hippies.
It took a few spins for me but the more I played this album it just got better and better. To me it has to be one of the best albums of all time and maybe the best album from 1967 ever and that includes some competition.This actually for me and i am reallly a big beatles fan leave sgt peppers way behind. But hey thats just me
  Please enjoy


The doors greatest hits is a go to for me on trips. Then it ends with "this is the end" which is a masterful song.
love the world and it will love you back. chin
Also love these guys too

and this is one smashing album


Thanks guys, didn't know this thread had got so long! Lot of listening to look forwards to, psych's hopefully not necessary
Not necessary but they do add so much depth for me. I also feel when i hear something on a psychedelic it never sounds the same again.

Here is another fav of mine while tripping recently.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH-4bELomjAThe Stone Circus - The Stone Circus (Full Stereo Album)

The third album in a conceptual trilogy - here, our protagonist Zero the Hero has returned to Earth from the Planet Gong and struggles with reconciling his experiences. Later the otherwordly beings he'd been communicating with in the last two albums arrive from the heavens to unleash their cosmic forces and open the human race's third eyes. But Zero has become too occupied with worldly pleasures, missing his chance to transcend and remaining stuck in the wheel of births and deaths. What happens next for him remains to be seen, but as the song goes; "It doesn't really matter if you make it, so long as you try"

I got into this band quite recently and this album just blew me away, the instrumentation and synth work are out of this world, and apparently there's some sacred geometry stuff going on in the harmonic progressions on some of the songs, designed to keep you centered.

That cat's something I can't explain.
you cant beat hillage on guitar for that tripping sound also from master builder

(31-01-2016, 12:24 PM)zombywoof Wrote: you cant beat hillage on guitar for that tripping sound also from master builder
That Steve Hillage sounds a little like some Ozric Tentacles.  I like listening to early Jethro Tull when I am tripping.  My favourite is Thick as a Brick which is actually one song split into 2 because of having to turn the LP over.  Its a good album.  The story of a boy.  It is actually considered one of the best concept albums even though it was actually meant to be Tull making fun of the whole concept album thing:

Voices from the Lake - Voices from the Lake

Anything by the techno legend Donato Dozzy wins in this category for me, but this collab with Neel perhaps his finest moment...deep & tripping



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