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psychedelic album recommendations
Favourite Hawkwind album.......http://http://youtu.be/mBY1GKGZBzg
(15-07-2013, 11:18 PM)eboy moomin Wrote: Favourite Hawkwind album.......

So many great Hawkwind albums, but for me it has to be Palace Springs, with Hall of the Mountain Grill and obviously Space Ritual not far behind.

Such a shame that they do no more for me on drugs than they do sober. 

PS if there are any space rock fans out there, look into Dr Hasbeen and The Psychedelic Warlords - two bands that started out doing Hawkwind covers then went off in their own directions.

01 Singata Mystic Queen 00:00
02 Army Of Ignorance 11:36
03 For The Lost Souls 16:11
04 Center Of The Sun 26:08
05 Wheel Of Life 39:16
06 Long Distance Trip 43:43
Zomby, I came across that album somewhere a few weeks ago and totally love it (thinking of which, it might even have been you who mentioned it)

Dizzyorder, big thanks for mentioning Soma FM, I'd forgotten all about them, love their drone channel but I'll explore some others there too Happy
thanks i m usually stuck in the past but there is still some good stuff being made. Not long ago i came across this band and tripping eyes closed and headphones on this is there

1. Liquid Sound Freedom (9:35)
2. Agitation Free (6:16)
3. Wow, Man (6:04)
4. Morning Sun (2:51)
5. Unfolding (12:38)
6. Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist Inside The Acid Temple (11:51)
Just browsing the topics and I see this. Good topic.

Any Radiohead album after Pablo Honey, maybe a bit on the depressing side though.

Two albums come to mind...
Justice - Cross
Digitalism - Digitalism

If you're into "trip-hop" try out The Hood Internet, its got more of a party vibe to it but definitely some good stuff in there. Do a google search, they have like 5 (maybe more) extensive mixtapes which are available for free, these cats are really talented mash-up artists, much better then White Panda or Girltalk.
http://http://soundcloud.com/midnightsta...amphase-ep check out both EPs by midnight static on soundcloud. both free to download. the first EP is really psych vibes.

link gives an error but check him out soundcloud.com/midnightstatic
Rainbow dome/a garden in paradise

Otto von schirach

KLF chill out album.
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

A couple of albums here that really will blow you away while tripping


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