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most lax RC laws in EU
I haven't followed EU RC scene since spring and completely out of loop. I have been dealing with Chinese labs directly

and relocated UK shops are lacking in many departments depending on shop. Payment options or slow shipping options, customer support or selection. Non of them are on par with former pre blanket ban shops
(11-09-2016, 09:13 PM)tomtom Wrote: can we mention some former UK shops not listed reddit vendor list?

No. We are not currently allowing any discussion of vendors.
good luck to former UK shops in Spain, looks like the owners don't grasp local laws fully and I'm unable to name the better ones not listed anywhere but still operating and using £ as a currency
I live in Denmark and all these drugs have been illegal all the while i've ordered stuff from the UK and China and so on without any problems. So i don't see why you would need to relocate just because of the change in laws and as you've said you have dealt with China.
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I think it you need to go into the southeast of europe to find really lax rules - Germany is the largest country in central europe and has a blanket ban same as us (on a side note the first sign of blanket bans spreading through the US in addition to the analog act has begun)

Being a UK based site - the sort of detailed info you want sadly isn’t likely to be found here; I think yo need some time consuming research and break some language barriers to stay legal; seems we can’t even work out what medicines might be exempt here but good luck
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