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modafinil, kratom,huperzine A and liver
hi my name is michael. recently I have started taking modafinil, kratom and huperzine A. I am a recovered alcoholic and haven't been drinking for 5 years. my liver is ok but there isn't as much of it left due to scare tissue. of those 3 drugs ive taken my first dose of modafinil today and kratom ive use for past 5 days ( 5g per day) I did not take it today as im on modafinil, and huperzine A im waiting for in the post.
 i find that kratom helps me with any sort of cravings for alcohol. i don't plan on abusing it. i have time off work and when im back it will be the modafinil ill be using not the kratom. anyway ill get to the point, ive done research on those 3 drugs and effects on liver. nothing negative comes up with any of them except if you abuse. i need to know if im safe taking these drugs. 200mcg huperzine A every other day - 200mg/day modafinil when working or feel the need to ( i don't want to be switched on all the time) and 5-6g of kratom, again when it takes my fancy ( wont mix it with modafinil- pointless)

Need advice on effects on liver. im lazy and find it easier/quicker to ask those in the know for pointers, then trawl the internet. so any advice would be appreciated so i can truly start my research. funny i say im lazy but that the modafinil i took this morning has definitely given me motivation - it works :))

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