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mod alert legal status please .So confusing
I am not looking to get high but I have no idea if I can import 3 months supply of modalert here in the UK. I dot intend nor will I break the law but if legal I want buy as many good sources.Does anyone know the answer please ?
I think it's POM
So advising sources would be a no no,
Also usually asking for sources for most things is a no no now
(Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
This isn't legal advice and I am not a lawyer. However, it's worth noting that modafinil is not a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act and the Psychoactive Substances Act specifically exempts medicinal products. Modafinil is prescribed in the UK and importing small amounts (typically considered to be a maximum of 3 months supply) of uncontrolled medications for personal use is not prohibited as far as I know. You may want to check with the MHRA as they are the regulator who decides what is and is not a medicinal product.
Fast response thank you and it does appear it would be okay .But it is unclear I was seeking sources as that is not a problemon as I did mention a source was not the issue. Thank for the fast replies .The law is not clear so I would say buyer beware .I think I will order and as for customs declaration to be filled out just to show I am not trying to break the law ,which I am not .If declare honestly it is up to them and plenty does get here .In fact I have not heard anyone being convicted .
There actually is at least one documented prosecution

Quote:A SWANSEA man bought so-called "legal high" drugs on the internet and had them delivered to a mailbox so his mother would not find out, a court has heard.

Christopher Thomas bought the psychoactive substances from Granada in Spain, and had the package sent to a collection point at a city business — but staff became concerned about what was in the parcel and alerted police.

Thomas, of Ffordd Taliesin, Killay, pleaded guilty to importing a psychoactive substance — contrary to the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 — when he appeared at Swansea Magistrates Court.

Alex Scott, prosecuting, said in his police interview 25-year-old Thomas admitted buying the drug, and said it was for his own use, adding the drug "was beginning to control his life".

The prosecutor said Thomas told officers he had used to mailbox address for delivery so his mother would not find out.

The court heard Thomas has no previous convictions.

A probation report into the unemployed electrical installation engineer said he used the drug in his own bedroom, sometimes for two-or-three days at a time, and had had a previous psychotic episode due to the substances.

His consuming of drugs bought online was described as "massive risk-taking behaviour" because there was no clue as to what compounds and chemicals the substances contained.

Rhys Davies, for Thomas, said his client "presented as an intelligent and likeable individual" when not under the influence of legal highs, and that he needed help to move on with his life. The solicitor said Thomas was hoping to go to university to study computer science.

Thomas was made the subject of a community order with a drug rehabilitation order, and was told to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.
South Wales Evening Post, 2nd January 2017
Was this for modalert though as it does not say there .I want to import for cheapness. But legally I have found a pharmacy that does an online consultation andocument they look legit .I am not sourcing but they are UK operated with free consultation. I am confused.

Modalet is a medicine and not a legal high I would assume. Iqdoctor has it here in UK .
Not sure what the substance was - my suspicion would be synthetic cannabinoids.
Moron. He should have pleaded not guilty, citing the (extensive) legislative history of that law.

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