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monday niznit

not ben on rcs for a bgit

i have left plenty smoke, 1-5-meo-dalt pill plus bout 8-9-1000 powder, benzos unraped but got very benzo paradoxical via the flubro (fucking great but heavy bgody/brain buzz, comes like drunk but no, wears of after regular use.. im aware of it but can JUST  control it via the THEORETICAL OD on cbd's, fucking tasting beutiful amazingly bun'n now like

its fuckin real thsats all, i say ¬it it sais lol so i stick at hmmm, magic, i just mind my mouth now with the word and dont flaunt ats much, slow learner music is key + drugs for now, been the ultimate

i could chill but so much to get back to a relative zero im so minus a relative zero

tru story

+ it


love dinky tits
fuck everyone else
need a move
have magic
not to the point of well needs testing
forgettin lot of thoughts, its the potpourtii
not marleys magic
marleys magic is ... very smokable and thought provoking to me, very 0
does some cool stuff to non-powdered shit
turns potpourri - magical no bacci
try it

tipped 2g eph into 3g evoke - meh
maybe eph + synth
eph neds weaking

might give the meo dalt a push with a smoke, prolly nap alot dunno.....whats 5 meo-dalt like on a binge ?
Speaking of tits, what did one saggy tit say to the other saggy tit?
If we don't get some support soon, people are gonna think we're nuts.
Sorry but tits was the only thing that made much sense.
"To fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelic".
Humphry Osmond to Aldous Huxley (in a book)

Syrp I really don't know why you keep insisting on making new accounts when your original account is working properly.  We have rules that you are perfectly aware of and the original post on this thread goes only to prove that you are clearly a troubled individual in need of help that despite continued efforts you clearly cannot get here.  I'm struggling to understand why you repeatedly do this its detrimental to the forum but most of all to you as a person.

I have now merged the three new accounts that you have created back to your original one give me one really good reason why I shouldn't ban you and this time make it a permanent ban you may well have an empty void in your life that you find some amusement in filling by creating work for everyone here as well as a very real concerns around your mental health a well being.  

You are a perfect advert on why people should not take RC's especially Benzos.  Myself and in turn all of the members of the team have been kind patient and understanding with you offered help and support to be repeatedly told by you that you don't have problems but there comes a time where enough is enough.  I just dont know what I can do for you anymore...
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