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making a solution from pellets
is it viable to make a solution from flubpam pellets? for volumetric dosing, ie tapering. I have eti powder but find i need 2 doses in 24 hours. i would rather dose once every 24 hours. I bought the pellets when they were legal in the UK from a reputible vendor. I have searched on google but not found an answer to this question. constructive feedback much appreciated.
I ignorantly didnt read the point of tapering to start with and was going to come in with a bluster of why dissolve pellets. On the point of a benz taper you will have some who say f-pam is rap ompared to diclaz but i myself founf the switch to f-pam a much smoother transition. I will state now my knowledge on HLs and that is now a bit past it but ill give you the best approximations i can. RIght being that you have etiz im guessing thats the current benzo your using. and using it twice daily from what ive read. there is no point attempting a straight swap for etix and f-pam i seriously doubt it will work, you are best of doing a staged switch between the two. To do that right you have to look at Half lifes and also diazepam equivaleces. Etiz is hl at lets say 12? fuck knows thats good enough for my quik explanation and f-pam at something mad like 100 so you cant just do a straight swap. i mention this beause you say about taking f-pam once a day that to me is a no no as it will lead to an acumulation as it doest give enough time for it to get out your system with taking a regular dose and that will mean the ammount currently running in your blood will be alot higher than the ammount your taking daily it will leel off one it reaches a poitn ut thats likly more that yoau need. also to concider is the equivalent dose of both etiz is about 1 mg to 10 mg of diazepam with markedly different effects. it a be argued that f-pam is about 1-1 with diazepam but the effets are alot more heavy hitting. In answer to your question you will have to look further for solubility but if you are to gring your pellets and create a solution of either ethanol/P/VG or some other mad solvent and work out the volume metric then yes it will work fine. Very few benzos are water soluble. Sorry for my long coke fueled ramblings with a buggered eyboard but yeah its easy enough to make a volume metric solution of well ground pellets if you know its solubility but i think you need to dislose abit more about your benzo of chose and the levels before i an offer solid opinions. but out the box f-pam is not a straight etiz replacement youll have to do it in stages. best of luk mind i found f-pam a brilliant taper and didnt need to split pellets taking 1 mgs 1/4 pellet or whatever every 3.5 days kept my plasma levels even the i just kept spaing the dosage to drop it and then after it reahed about 1.25mg blood plasma level just dropped it with no problem. sorry for the ramble but theres a little sence to be grabbed out of it
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
i have fpam, diclaz, meclo and clonaz (which i dont want to use|) pellets (many, more than a 100 each)
I dont need to know about your stash, those things are best kept under our hats. Well as i (think?) i said it all kinda matters what benzo your coming off and what your current blood levels will be? Ive had a few times ive needed to ween off benzos, either high dose etiz, diaz, other things ive smashed like a wanker.

All in all i found coming off a quarter pellet of f-pam a piece of piss. i see no need in making a solution. as long as you factor in its half life. i was taking 1/4 every 3 days and then simply tried to extend that to a week and stopped giving a fuck, its different for everyone.

Also it depends on the time scale youve been using you benzo of choice. I dont like diclaz where as alot of people find it the tapering benzo but it seems to have a very cold effect on myself. f-pam i found an easy taper. Switching from diclaz to f-pam was for me an easy move and i found f-pam a nice long hitting stabilizer. , after being benzo clean for a while ie noticed now long and how much even half a pellet of f-pam effects me. As for it solubility youll maybe be able to find that online or maybe someone will pipe up with knowledge. Being stuck id go with ethanol, or as pure alcohol as you can get. It wont be water soluble but itll likly be in some way soluble in PG. A mix of ethanol and PG if you have no idea. i also dont know how much will dissolve in how much solvent. there will be something online no doubt.

Condensed: i dont see a need for making a solution of f-pam pellets. each to theyre own. all depends on what your current intake is. Feel free to PM me in confidence for futher pointers but i can only share my own experiences and im also an ignorant bastard of people trying to get hold of me in real life let alone people on the internet. Best of look on the deto Dude.
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
thanks borderline

you,ve given me food for thought


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