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kratom combos
Hi guys i was wondering if peeps could help me out with a bit of advice. I just got into kratom and i'm finding it really, really great. i'm not sure if i'm breaking the rules mentioning ethylphenidate anymore so slap me down if i'm out line, i've been mixing the two a fair bit of late and really enjoying it, it gives a nice kind of effect, does anyone know if this is likely to be unsafe? also been thinking it might be nice to try with ephenidine or 1p, has anyone tried this at all? 
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If you have some stash of eph we don't want to know about it - all I can tell you is the only good experience I have had with shitty 4-me-TMP was mixed with kratom; unlikely very dangerous combo (phenidate+kratom) if not taken to excess but we can't sicount dnager at someepoint
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