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They are selling quite a lot of substances : https://www.iceheadshop.co.uk/research-c...wders.html

Any idea how they manage to do this? I'm guessing they don't list the ingredients either....
They are either selling things like caffeine, benzocaine and other things that are not covered by the PSA (or psychoactive).. or they are breaking the law (which is unlikely.. or they are very brave. It took me all of 30 seconds to find their address and company details).
Most likely a scammer.
Not really any need to scam when you are selling legal powder that costs pennies for £19.99 a gram.

They are actually just down the road from me.. I could go and look but am 99.9999999999999999% sure they are selling non-psychoactive powders that will at best give you a coffee high, numb nose and the jitters.
Pretty sure they are only too legal; short on detail and all like "pep" "zip"...."Expresso"
They should really keep a straight face and do a coffee favoured one for 50p more.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Reviews are fucking hilarious also.. not fake at all "fam" Happy
(05-04-2017, 04:04 PM)Tails Wrote: Not really any need to scam when you are selling legal powder that costs pennies for £19.99 a gram.

Personally, I'd consider that in itself a type of scam.
Yeah I guess.. anybody that thinks they are going to be good (and legal) is kind of asking for it though. They may as well just buy some benzocaine (about £200 per kilo) and some caffeine (a few quid for 100g). That packets those things come in will cost ten times more than the contents.

People need to realise, while it was fun.. it was grey area loophole.. it was shoved in the publics face and this was bound to happen eventually. The game is up.. the only option now is booze, fags, poppers.. or breaking the law.

It's not like it has ever stopped anybody anyway. If I want to take drugs I simply will, and just make sure I never have too much tog et in serious trouble. I hardly touch anything now days but my views are that they should all be legal and regulated to some extent.
You can get 1kg of caffeine powder for £25 & benzocaine for £200 for 1kg .

Like tails says caffeine & benzocaine at £20 per gram they are making a killing.

But they are taking the risk of getting there doors smashed into buying large quantities of benzocaine instead of you, worth £19.50 a gram?
"Me and sleep are good friends but we haven't seen much of each other recently!"
IIRC, iceheadshop was the site that CW's shill was slagging off when they briefly launched that 'pow' stuff. Snowblow has been around for ages, I'd expect caffeine and numbing agent.

We're back to where we were just before Psyche Deli launched the original spice, I'm afraid.

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