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i could be totally wrong, and ill double check when im not as baked, but i remember somebody saying they started to feel it at 12mg. so maybe with your tolerance you needed even more? still, seems like 4mg is just too low a dose to sell as a "unit". probably a good thing in terms of HR
But Tizzy are you shouting fort Great Britain?
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Have you ordered these from the same vendor n2p...
when you have tried yours?
If yes could you please decribe on which dose/mg(if any)
you felt the warm, or just a little warm(/sitting in a big fluffy couch all relaxed feeling) and still have that warm feeling(/even slightly) inside you?

I can still get this with a few benzos like flunitrazepam, bromazepam(/larger doses) or diazepam combined with clonazepam or/and alprazolam or just clonazepam if it was a while ago i did the kryss2 ikto2 as we called them here over..the pond?
No thats usa right??...pond atlantic oc....ey?
Well here over in the cold freezing sweden,scandinavan etc...should be correct. chin
sorry, i havnt tried any of this substance. i was only adding some hazy bits of info that i think i remember reading. i will have a look for the source now for you.

careful mentioning illegals (Diaz ect are illegal unless you have a doctors note).

found it... Backroll said 12mg was "delicious" on page 6 of this thread.
I had some tolerance from etizolam use, and i noticed a very mild effect from 4mg. Mainly Anxiolytic. 8mg was more pronounced mixed with some beer ( never do this, obviously) helped me to sleep after a stim session.

Maybe your tolerance is just higher than mosts, you said yourself that you have extended benzo experience and tolerance. Or maybe that its more useful for anxiety where you where expeting different results?
Ok, its just me being to lazy, i have to read the thread more thorouglly!
Of course my tolerance is a big issue here and the even how everu individual responds or likes/dislikes diffferent benzos.
I know people who think that clonazepam with or without tolernce are a waste of money while others praise the lord for the substance.
The people i talk of have or have had doctors permits?? dont know the correct word in english.
But all i can say is that that regaqrding Flubromazepam there truth is not out there yet , in my opinion.

Would like to see more people trying these from this source..
haha i was avoiding using the word as id undoubtedly spell it wrong. Prescription is the word you're looking for. also it doesnt matter if they have/had/will have a prescription, to the general public its illegal.

do you think this is a different compound being sold or just inactive filler?
I will be giving this a going over in the next month.
"Sending this one out to nasa, mission control to pete tong...,

[email protected]
Still looking for a local reseller, Tommy is out anyone have this available ?
"Sending this one out to nasa, mission control to pete tong...,

[email protected]

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