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few gems
It’s really personal experiencial details made public that informs HR the forum over given that academic research is limited - the doses drugs etc.  bk's been mixed with 5MAPB, MDMA and so on and here MDAI; if 10 more people try it we start to build up that it might not be a bad combo as we would expect of say 2c-B and MDMA but if the next person instead tried it and had a bad reaction thats helpful; eitherway we build a practical picture on what other limited data we have might be suggesting a certain activity or lack of activity from bk-2c-b. I like all these drugs enough in themselves for what they do combos aren’t a great draw (MDAI needs a stim imo) but in the real world others mix and match so the better informed the better. Not really balling you out although the thread doesn’t fulfill the promise of the thread to the forum so I do hope you come back and write a report or in future better place comments in the appropriate place.
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