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elvanse (Lisdexamfetamine)
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i believe this to be a class B substance and with it being so long since popped by the forum im rusty on the guidelines since PSA so if this topic aint allowed sorry to mods if so, wasnt intentional.

anyhoo.... i just thought id share wot little knowledge iv aquired from the past and get any input if anyone else has dabbled in this one.

For those that are unaware Elvanse (Lisdexamfetamine) is an ADHD med that metabolises into dextroamfetamine 
Comes in 20mg 30mg 40mg 50mg 60mg and 70mg caps  i believe. Only ever had the 70mgs (bright pink and blue hard gel caps).  The first difference i personally found was that when they peak they seem to give a fairly steady buzz for 12+ hours at least instead of the usual amp need to top up through out the day. My advice is get em ate at breakfast if your like me and like a wee boost for working and still sleep at night. The most interesting thing i found with it tho is that is only orally active so no snorting,plugging or injecting is possible the only tip i can give is to empty the powder out of the gel cap and it hits a bit faster thats it. 

Effects on me are mood boost, focous, motivation, apetite suspression, sweating, teeth grinding, difficulty urinating, makes me shit some nasty stuff out it leaves the bowels gleaming haha basically like clean speed but without the rush unless the dose is upped (iv never went past 210mg i wouldnt recommend unless ya have dabbled a few times). 
its one of those chems that can either leave you looking a state whilst finking yer fine or can make ya feel fucked even tho you look fine.
iv only had it a few times in the past so iv only vague memories of it but thought id share wot i remember of it. any others with any input on it please share sorry this is a bit vague but it popped into me head so fancied popping back to forum for a wee yarn 

peace folks
I believe the post should be fine due to no sourcing ect...
And no offers to source,
Don't quote me on that though...

I've been awake too long to share my thoughts so maybe a little later I'll edit this,
By you'll probably get a few replies.
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
just popping in to clarify thread is fine.

past experiences, informative posts, and intelligent discussion of drugs is allowed and welcomed, as long as there isn't any sourcing, baiting (eg; saying "i saw xyz on an eu vendor") or stating posession or intent to posses the compounds.
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Pretty good pro drug but it's hard on the brain. Vyvanse made me sleep for ten days hard before I was then re-prescribed Concerta. When I stop the Concerta, it doesn't give me that hard withdrawal.

Vyvanse is pretty strong too in dose comparison to Dexedrine where 30mg = 9mg Dexedrine so I was basically taking 18mg Dexedrine 3x a day.

Right now I have 54mg Concerta in the morning and 27mg at noon if needed which is equal to 18mg Ritalin 4x a day.
A guy on a forum claimed he extracted dexamfetamine sulphate (cleaved the lysine off, which makes it orally active only) with the enzyme pepsin. Which would be illegal, so don't consider that.

I was prescribed lisdexamfetamine for ADHD, but managed (with some difficulty) to convince my shrink to give me dexamfetamine. Lisdexamfetamine is commonly described as lasting maybe just 6 hours (main effects), though it prevents me from sleeping for 12. I found dexamfetamine superior in this respect - it lasts 4-5 hours but I can sleep after 7 say. I also find dexamfetamine less disturbing - lisdexamfetamine messes my head up more making me feel more averse to say dealing with strangers, I feel less confident of my abilities and more vulnerable on it than dexamfetamine.
(08-03-2017, 02:09 AM)Whyzed Wrote: A guy on a forum claimed he extracted dexamfetamine sulphate (cleaved the lysine off, which makes it orally active only) with the enzyme pepsin. Which would be illegal, so don't consider that.

It also doesn't work that way - don't trust everything you read on forums (and, to be pedantic, lisdexamfetamine is generally a dimesylate salt, so at no point could it end up as amphetamine sulfate). Lisdexamfetamine was originally thought to be metabolised by digestive enzymes like pepsin, but later research has shown this not to be the case and instead the lysine is cleaved by an unknown factor in red blood cells. (Lisdexamfetamine was originally approved in the US in 2008 and the research showing that digestive enzymes aren't involved was published a couple of years later).

Quote:LDX is absorbed as the intact prodrug and converted to inactive l-lysine and active d-amphetamine primarily in the blood by RBCs. The absorption of LDX likely occurs via a high-capacity carrier-mediated transport system involving PEPT1 in the small intestine, although the involvement of other peptide and amino acid transporters cannot be ruled out.
Pennick M. Absorption of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate and its enzymatic conversion to d-amphetamine. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. 2010;6:317-327.

Quote:Following oral administration, LDX is efficiently absorbed from the small intestine by carrier-mediated active transport, most likely via peptide transporter-1. LDX is neither a substrate nor an inhibitor of the cytochrome P450 enzymes and, therefore, has low potential for pharmacokinetic drug–drug interactions.7 We have previously shown that the hydrolysis of LDX takes place in human blood but not in human intestine, kidney, liver, or pancreas.
Sharman J, Pennick M. Lisdexamfetamine prodrug activation by peptidase-mediated hydrolysis in the cytosol of red blood cells. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. 2014;10:2275-2280
This was my first stimulant, my old flatmate had a prescription for them. It's probably my favourite; great natural feeling of confidence, intense clear-headed focus and motivation to do anything. Seemed quite forgiving when pushed too. Would love a script for it.
This is outrageous. This is contagious. So futile.
Course it's just a claim, and yes the internet is the home of bunk, but these claims deserve investigation and shouldn't be dismissed on logical grounds alone, but explored in the name of findings (or 'science', if you like). but I have a heap of lisdexamfetamine I doub't i'll ever use.

Many things that are 'disproved scientifically' appear effective to me - one common claim is that mushrooms (store bought, I mean) are inactive when smoked as their ingredients are destroyed by combustion temperatures. What may escape consideration is that a spliff surely vapourises it's ingredients moments before combustion (heat from cherry before actual burn), thus explaining multiple accounts of definite effects from smoking. For purely academic reasons it's on my list of 'things worth researching when I learn to behave and get my head down'.
I take 20mg lisdexamfetamine in the morning and then fall asleep but it wakes me up 90 minutes later. Seem to be in a better mood than methylphenidate but focus isn't that much. Will be increasing to 30-40mg tomorrow since I haven't had any psychotic symptoms this weekend. I used to be on 60mg and all I noticed was that I was overly happy and not much focus so maybe it was too much or I was in psychosis and on too many medications but I was also on 4 Prozacs a day so maybe that impacted my focus a whole lot.

I plan to leave it at 50mg which is 15mg Dexedrine for 10-14 hours.

Idk how long it lasts yet too early to tell.

My stimulant tolerance is the lowest it's been since I started stimulants.
(27-02-2017, 07:16 PM)Tweaky Wrote: Right now I have 54mg Concerta in the morning and 27mg at noon if needed which is equal to 18mg Ritalin 4x a day.

I was on Concerta (36mg) once-daily for a while, with an additional 30mg of IR MPH to top up when I needed a boost. Maybe it was my personal metabolism (though I've always been a very quick metaboliser of drugs; concluded from the fact most drugs tend to have about 50-75% of the duration which the majority of people/sources experience reporting) but Concerta did FUCK ALL. Because of its completely benign effect I would simply not take and stockpile the Concertas (I was essentially forced to make do with 30mg MPH from the IR pills to get me through each day), going as far as taking up to four of them at once (144mg) which based on the documented hourly release of the pills should've at least gotten me *something*.

Anyway now I've been switched over to 75mg/day of IR Ritalin instead which is much better. I've the option to be put on dexedrine instead, but I'd much sooner stay on MPH. I've noticed zero tolerance increase since being on this dose for well over 12 months now (also take daily magnesium glycinate aka chelated and L-Tyrosine 2-3 days a week). Whereas amphetamines (any kind I've tried from street to various RC formulations as well as analogues like MPA & 3-FPM) give me severely diminishing returns regardless of dose increases, ie. by day three or four I can expect zero result. Whether abused or taken therapeutically.
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