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does anybody a herb for a aroma Diffusor to get high
Any herb or aroma oil? Just ordered Damiana to try gettin euphoric feeling or anything like that
Maybe any rc works also?!
IDK about oils or aroma diffusors but you can make a nice tea out of the damiana.
oh nice good to know :)

oh nice good to know :)
You could look up something called Elimi OIl i think the whole discussion boiled down to it not being confirmed but its a read
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
Thanks for the tipp
It kind of depends what you mean by 'aroma diffuser'. e.g. Are you talking about aromatherapy-style things or a herbal vaporiser or what? I suspect that vaporising and directly inhaling essential oils like elemi is likely to be at the least unpleasant and possibly quite dangerous.
I‘m talking abou the aromatherapy thing xP
It depends what you mean by 'get high', too.

If you like your aromatherapy diffusers, I'd recommend a blend of sandalwood (mysore if you can get it, not amyris), with rose absolute as the mainstay and grapefruit as a top note. It produces a beautiful, evolving fragrance, as the most volatile citrus oils largely evaporate first, leaving an increasingly floral scent, which over time gives over to the woody, spicy base notes of the sandalwood. Done right, it makes an excellent perfume too; some might substitute jasmine for rose as the central note. That combination is exquisite enough to produce a definite effect on mood.

If you wanted something to function in lieu of a drug, no hope from an essential oil vaporiser. The vaporisers used for cannabis and the like are temperature controlled and typically need to reach 180-190 celcius for that application. For anything else... well, just hope you've got some headroom between the melting point and the flash point, and use the time honoured methids...

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