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clockwork orange reloaded
Anyone tried this ?

Never tried synth 'noids b4 but over 30 yrs experience of the illegals ... High tolerance, Amsterdam gear no problems.

BUT i tried a minute amount of this blend in a single skinner will tobacco and POW ! straight up like immediate physical high - never felt anything like this b4 - is this just me being a light weight or is this stupidly strong shit ? Like half this one skinner and I was seriously fucked up - and apparantly its LEGAL ????? contains 5F-AKB-48 and BB-22 from what I can gather although god knows in what concentration.

IS this a typical experience ?

Help !
It's not just you, they are incredibly potent. Microgram dosage potent. They really are nothing like cannabis. Cannabis is safe, synthetic noids are not.

Haven't you read the horror stories of seizures, mental trips equally as profound as DMT, and psychical addition?

Read moar mate.
Yeah that was my conclusion - this stuff is dangerous.... and it's sold openly in town centre shops for 8 quid a G, really I was shocked... and I only did a really small amount of it, like a bit the size of a match head well ground down, just like a thin line of dust on the skin. Onset of effects was pretty immediate, within a couple of tokes ! and quite scary.

As for the comedown, Jayzus ... talking full blown whitey, massive sweating etc etc

god knows what would have happened if I had skinned up with this like it was regular weed or taken a bong hit

cant say I recommend this....

are all these blends the same ? or are some worse than others ? does it get better if you persist / increase the dosage or can I just expect more of the same
They're not all the same, some are even worse than that. People die off it. They can cause seizures & kidney failure. If you persist then you'll get addicted & do yourself some damage.

People have reported withdrawal symptoms that are fast & intense enough to wake them up during the night for a smoke so they're not really ill when they wake up in the morning.

Have a look at the customers in those shops, especially early morning. RC cannabinoids are some of the worst drugs around now. Especially the branded blends where you have no idea of the strength, what chemicals they've used, what other ingredients there are & they could change totally without warning.
Stuff like this being sold in town centre shops is the reason for the impending blanket ban IMO.

So incredibly reckless to sell this in head shops. It gives people the impression that because it's legal, it's safe.

At least with online vendors selling the stuff, their clientèle are generally clued up to the dangers because of communities like this and bluelight, ect. When selling it in head shops, there's literally no information available as to what they are getting themselves in for.

Fuck head shops. They've damaged the industry beyond repair.
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OMG so glad I asked and checked this out a bit first ...

Here's the thing though - it wasn't even a head shop where I got it just a regular shop ! It was displayed along with the joss sticks, skins, e-cigs etc plus they had other stuff blends, powders, pills etc and they don't seem to give a shit about who they are selling it to ie like kids.

I doubt the shop keeper even knows what it is that they are selling !

Really obscene that people are indiscriminately selling shit like this that can endanger peoples lives just to turn a profit of a few quid, nay probably pence after shop overheads.

Having tried it I am shocked beyond belief.
Welcome to the world of research chemicals buddy.

It's not all garbage though... some rather delicious chems kicking about. Seek and you shall find ;)
^ What would you recommend dude ?

Like getting dead, organs failing etc NOT high on my agenda Lol
(01-03-2015, 08:00 AM)Renton Wrote: juar nor Nykkty WAkj tytgio

..is that Klingon?

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