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cheap 'effective' stack for studying and memory
Is NSI-189 actually a cognitive enhancer or just a antidepressant?

Neurogenesis sounds interesting, but the substance has mixed results online (some people don't respond at all, others experience side effects such as hyper emotionality, it appears to work wonders for some though).

A mild stimulant in combination with PRL-8-53 does work rather well ime.
Will go to CTHighStreet for some nootropics but is http://www.nootropics.co.uk reliable for piracitam powder considering it is a POM?
Yes it is a nootropic, but I don't think there's a good reason to take it unless you're depressed and want to try it. Tianeptine is also a nootropic, which can help repair damage caused by stress and depression, however the evidence for the nootropic activity i read is only for a damaged brain so unless you're depressed or have been in the past I don't think it's worth taking either. Some people got some great responses with NSI-189 but many others didn't, myself included.
NSI-189 is not a nootropic, so far the best chemical term it is going by is neurogenic. 

NSI-189 is under research for repair of damaged neurons (which we do, all inevitably have)  but also neuronal degeneration, which we also all have so some extent due to aging. 

Tianeptine is NOT a nootropic as it has many side effects and contraindications. It's a Tricyclic Anti-Depressant medication.

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Cognition Tuning

Tianeptine is an opioid, albeit an unusual one, and opioids generally don't do anything positive for cognition.

In what ways exactly do you feel your cognition is lacking? Is it vigilance/wakefulness, attention/ability to concentrate, short-term memory/assimilating information, long-term memory/retaining information, logical and analytical reasoning, ability to apply existing knowledge to new situations, creativity/ability to improvise, or something else?
CTHighstreet do you stock NSI-189?  (It seems many products are now hidden on-site, yet still sold.)

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