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bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
Yeah it's a first thing AM type drug, does help being well rested as it goes on so long.

Try a small amount first, some people only need a little such as a friend of mine. I on the other hand need monster amounts unfortunatly.
My concerns under the coming NPS ban.....Will be dark chocolate Hob nobs be safe? Will I need the Dark chocolate web?
Mostly are our brains safe under the misuse of drus act as of our natural brains DMT content, manufacturing of an  class A = BAD.

Not a recommendation, just an observation that this works intrarectally. Dosages same as oral, but onset somewhat quicker, but overall duration same. Used dilute orange juice to dissolve and prevent dimerization reaction. Caused brief mild irritation to rectum (acidulated solution), sensation passed in a couple of minutes.
I will shortly translate one of my trip reports on 300 mics of this stuff and post it... Pretty interesting experience :)
Pre: Empty stomach and 300mg BK-2C-B for the first time.
Expectations: Should be quite a heavy trip as I have not had a serotonergic experience in over 4 months, therefore depletion of serotonin shouldn't be an issue. It's a rather strong dose, and should last around 12h - Expecting to be in bed by 3AM.
14:00 - Initial dose 300mg in a capsule. Taken with an energy drink (Caffeine)
15:00 - Nada
16:00 - Nada
17:00 - Nada
18:00 - Still nothing?
19:00 - Still haven't eaten in over 12 hours, and the 300mg of bk-2C-B is yet to cause any tangible effects.
20:00 - Feeling tired
21:00 - Dozed off

Won't be trying this again. I don't think I felt any effects what-so-ever despite all the preparation I took to ensure a good experience.

As a note, this was from a very reputable vendor. I'm incredibly disappointed since I was expecting at the minimum a few scalp tingles.

Overall I reckon 50ug of 1p-lsd is immensely more potent than 300mg of BK-2C-B.
Tried this for the 1st time a few nights back.  WOW! I was hyped up for it too. Tried not give it any doubt. I was careful, in a clear space and it did not matter! Took me on such a ride!  First 4hrs were a sensational positive love fest. Just Grand! Then the fucker took me to the boneyard and washed me out!  I had no shot! I tapped out in the 5th hour :(  I woke up so disappointed in myself.  1st time Ive ever killed a trip..
I wont give up tho.  Being from the U.S. I must say bk-2-cb is stronger than many of the psy·che·del·ics available in CA
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how does the psychedelic visuals compare to other products like lsd or shrooms?
They are very different - lsd and shrooms are very different of course - definately a PEA quality but different to other PEAs - different coiour scheme - bk-2c-b has a kind of woolly effect.

Where’s the best place buy this right now ? It was always ok but after 4 goes on FLY this is looking way better so might dip in preban
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