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bk-2C-B - 220mg - Altered pharmcokinetics
I had an unusual experience with bk-2C-B the other day in which the circumstances and form of dosing substantially changed the time course and potency of the experience. Some background first: I'm a fairly experienced user of psychedelics and have used bk-2C-B numerous times before at doses up to 300mg. Generally I've found that compared to other people it takes longer for the effects to start and my doses are a bit higher. Tripsit list anything above 150mg as a 'heavy' dose, but based on my experiences, I'd say that for me, 80-120mg is a light dose, 120-180mg a common dose, 180mg to 240mg a strong dose and 240mg+ a heavy dose. So 220mg isn't trivial, but it's not territory I haven't comfortably explored before. Even at higher doss, I tend to think of it a a relatively mild, long-lasting psychedelic/empathogen.

I dosed pretty late on - I haven't been sleeping well, but that's been true for my whole life and I don't think the lack of sleep contributed in any real way to the experience. I hadn't eaten in at least eight hours aside from a couple of oranges. I'd just poured myself a glass of wine (sauvignon blanc since you ask, 14% abv), but I wasn't intending to drink a large amount (by the time the experience was over, I'd only drunk half the glass - no other alcohol had been or would be consumed that day). I weighed out the bk-2C-B powder (BRC, Nov 2015) using a milligram scale and put it in a gel-cap, which I swallowed with a mouthful of the wine. Within minutes I felt the characteristic feeling of tingling along the back of my head. This normally happens several hours after dosing, so it was unusual to feel it so quickly. Along with the tingling came some mild stimulation and empathogenic euphoria. It was probably the euphoria that led me to ignore the unusual time-frame. I had some things to do as well, which I was engaged in for the next couple of hours as the effects continued to develop. It was only after I was done and had time to reflect on how I was feeling that I realised something unexpected was happening and that I felt a little uncomfortable at the level of stimulation I was feeling. Mild visual effects had been happening for a while - brightening of colours, a sparkliness to the world - but as I sat on my sofa wondering what was going on, my curtains started to flow like a waterfall. There was some mild nausea apparent ever now and then, my sense of taste was off - I didn't drink any more of the wine because it tasted weird. My pupils were huge.

Was this even bk-2C-B I'd taken? I keep my chemicals well organised - in amber glass jars rather than their original packets, labelled with the source of the chemical and the date of purchase, so I'm very confident that my knowledge of the source of the chemical was accurate. I would not have expected BRC to send out anything other than the chemical ordered, however I wasn't sure if I had tried this particular purchase before. I knew I'd tried bk-2C-B within the last few months, but I have more than one jar labelled bk-2C-B and recent bk-2C-B trips may well have used material from elsewhere. I wondered if it could be some kind of breakdown product, but it seemed unlikely as seven months isn't that long and I take care with storage. The possibility that I'd consumed 220mg of some unknown ratio of bk-2C-B and 2C-B crossed my mind. 220mg of 2C-B would be way higher than anyone would consider sensible. It didn't seem all that likely, but I was lacking explanations for the higher potency and unusual time-frame of the trip I was experiencing. It was at this point that I got online and started talking to people in the shoutbox about what was going on.

Talking to people in the Shoutbox turned out to be a very good decision - I was concerned but not yet seriously worried, but without having people who understood what was going on to explain things to it would have been easy to have got more and more anxious about what was happening which would have been unhelpful. I wasn't in any immediate danger as far as I could tell - I felt uncomfortable, but there weren't any physical symptoms such as tachycardia to indicate something more harmful was about to happen. So the obvious thing to do seemed to be to verify whether I had indeed consumed bk-2C-B or something else. I ran some reagent tests and checked for the purple-staining dimerisation reaction that happens when bk-2C-B reacts with itself while in a neutral solution. (For reference: Marquis - bright orange, Liebermann - dark brown, Ehrlich - no reaction, Froehde - bright orange/red). Checking online for previously reported results of reagent tests showed the chemical was reacting in a way consistent with bk-2C-B. I've previously found the most consistent way to test for the purple dimerisation reaction is to wet a white paper towel, sprinkle a small amount of powder on top of it and wait - the purple colour is much easier to see when staining the paper towel than against a white plate as would be appropriate for reagent testing.

So, the evidence was about as conclusive as you can get without the kind of testing you need a laboratory for. This was definitely bk-2C-B and the cause of the unusual time-frame had to be me, not the drug. Effects appearing within minutes suggested that absorption was taking place in the stomach - not eating anything aside from some citrus fruit and dosing with a mouthful of wine seemed the most obvious cause of altered absorption characteristics. The mostly empty stomach would allow for the drug to reach the maximum surface area within the stomach; the small amount of acidic food eaten recently would possibly contribute to keeping the drug in non-dimerised form; and the wine may have dissolved the bk-2C-B more efficiently while enhancing the rate of absorption. I previously thought that the slow onset of bk-2C-B may have been due to it functioning as a pro-drug with a slow bio-transformation via an enzyme into the active compound, but it could equally be due to slow absorption in the post-stomach digestive system. Absorbing a significant dose of the drug in the stomach seems to have reduced the onset to mere minutes and significantly increased the potency of the drug (by a factor of 1.5x I'd say - the 220mg I took felt like a little more than the highest I've dosed previously, but not by a large amount).

I felt a lot calmer about the situation after I understood, or at least had a good theory to explain what had happened. It was interesting how much the feel of the drug differed based purely on the speed of absorption. While I'd usually characterise bk-2C-B as a drug with two distinct phases, the first more like a mild stimulant and the second being empathogenic/psychedelic, all of these effects were apparent at the same time. In this respect (though with less euphoria and psychedelia) it felt closer to 2C-B (based on the presumed 2C-B prodrug 2C-B-AN which I've tried, rather than 2C-B, which I haven't).

As the serotonergic effects came on stronger and the stimulation began to dip below the level of discomfort, I found myself falling asleep. It was about five to six hours after ingestion by this point and, as noted, I hadn't slept well over the previous couple of nights. Effects were still going, though past the peak when I was awoken after a further five hours by the postman. I felt fine, with what was now mild stimulation and mild visual distortion and just a hint of empathogenic euphoria. This feeling slowly wore off until I felt I was back to baseline in the early afternoon, around 14 hours after dosing (and about 4 hours less than the normal duration I'd experience.

While there were negative aspects to the experience, these were all related to either the unexpected reaction to a familiar drug or to the increased potency, which pushed things above the point I wanted to reach. Had I known the effects would differ and been able to adjust my dose (in this case I'd have reduced it to around 150mg) I could easily have preferred the instant onset and combination of effects to the delayed onset and wider separation of effects in time. While the duration was somewhat reduced, it's still a very long acting drug. I may try this again at some point in the future, keeping the need to lower the dose in mind. It may also be worth reading older reports with the potential difference in potency and time-course in mind as it's possible that more intense experiences could be caused by fast absorption.

Finally, as I commented afterwards, nobody, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable they might be, is immune to being surprised every now and then. The unexpected happens and when it does, having people to talk to who understand how much anxiety things heading in an unexpected direction can cause can make a world of difference. Everyone needs a bit of support every now and then. Thanks again to everyone who was around to help out with advice, reassurance and suggestions.
Interesting read Nif.

Ive had a couple similar experiences. My appetite for food is notoriously up and down. Sometimes I dont eat for several days, sometimes I eat non stop for a couple. Ive noticed that when I havent eaten for a day or more that certain chems really do hit much harder and faster, sometimes surprisingly so and sometimes not in a good/nice way. The actual effects dont really change but onset, duration and how heavy the hit is certainly does. In those situations even a little alcohol such as 1 can of stella makes a notable difference too. As youve mentioned above, when this scenario happens and things hit harder and faster, it usually shortens duration too for me. I compare the effect to a bit like plugging some things.

Ive now become pretty aware my body reacts like this so keep a close eye on dosing when I havent been eating much, if anything.
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In the past my general dose of bk-2-cb would be around 200mg.  The quality of this chemical from different vendors varied massively and generally was better the more expensive it was.
Same here I have noticed with serval compounds that you can be suddenly thrust in harder and faster than what you might consider “standard” perhaps better put ‘common"; bk-2CB is pretty stable (within limits)  -  it’s just all the factors that relate to absorbtion all line up and zoom your away and this can effect the psychology of the trip.

After 4 extremely dissapointing attempts at 2cb-fly I bought a bit of bk-2c-b instead and quite looking forward to it; think as a milder psychedelic it was pretty acceptable and hoping a retest will be very enjoyable.
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Been doing tons of research has lately with the significant other. Bk-2C-B at 101mg, 10 month old batch. Not much psychedelia to be frank, less so than my prior experience with bk-2C-B, just some slight shimmering and brightness in colours around 8 hours in. Much more sedating than the last time as well. Also, body load was quite uncomfortable for the first four hours or so, much more uncomfortable than my prior experience. Effects lasted around 10 hours, whereas my previous experiment was around 12. I think having it in a glass amber vial with a silica gel packet for the past 9 months somewhat degraded the potency. Either that, or I have a slight tolerance from some recent psychedelic experiences. Seemed pretty lacklustre this time aside from the body load - which seemed quite uncomfortable for the first half of the entire experience, but had then become quite enjoyable.

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