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You've got to shoot them in the head - Just a nod to Mr Romero
Following the great man's passing, I felt obliged to rewatch his masterpiece "Day of the Dead" and was more impressed than ever.

These are not ambling, slow-witted zombies that stagger up to electrified fences and die one after another with a gurgling crackle. Romero's zombies are focused and methodical. They act as one. They scheme and resolve. They move twice as fast as people, making apex-predator combat moves that dislocate joints, then they continue regardless, never losing sight of their anthropophagous goal.

These zombies are on flakka, not desomorphine.

The jump scenes, the psychological impact and the graphic violence have never been equaled IMHO. And the way it's spliced into semi-rural America must have brought it home even more strongly to it's original audience. It's safe to say this film spawned a hundred mimics.

Just a few standout scenes with really good touches: The initial frustration of everyday travel being blocked by the military when the outbreak begins, their concerns so trivial given what happens next. The transformation itself, handled so beautifully and woven with family ties. Blood-soaked torsos popping up on woodland walks. The air-duct scene (better even than Alien?) The excessive beheadings which border on, but never cross over into, Evil Dead territory. The twist/s at the end.

I shall go no further lest I have to use the spoiler button. If you haven't seen it before, you have to, it's not a moronic green weeble film. If it's a while since you have, I hope you enjoy watching it again as much as I did.

I like to watch it messily eating chips covered in tomato ketchup with my hands.

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