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So if you dry the cambium layer of the Pausinystalia johimbe tree you can make a drug from it.

It's active on 5HT, dopamine, seratonin and adrenalin. Not only does this drug provide a huge libido boost, it also gives a man a giant throbbing erection which is unusually sensitive .

When I discovered these effects, I knew immediately that some of the sick little monkeys on here would have tried it and I'm right aren't I? Am I right? Yes, I am.

I also knew some of you  who haven't tried it won't have got more than half way through this post before you were checking local availability on another tab like proper little multi-taskers. Once again, I get a tick for correctness, right? I'm right, aren't I though? Yep.

Please tell me about your interactions with the African stiffy tree .

Thought there was a thread on this already; from reports of Yohimbe they are mixed at best, some getting the desired erectile response others thinking it damn unpleasant and poisonous feeling. My response was the latter some mild but nasty form of highly unerotic stimmy irritation. Stick to cialis
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I did wonder at the lack of existing thread, perhaps my searchfu is weak.

My own experience was with the bark, crumbled into a tea which is still probably the worst-tasting thing I've ever consumed. Sort of essence of pencil shavings with a shady alkaloid kick to it.

I boiled one heaped teaspoon in a cup of water and choked down the resulting dark brown liquid against my every instinct. Ten to fifteen minutes later began a stomach-churning of fungal proportions, accompanied by an increase in blood pressure which gave rise to a background headache that continued throughout the experience. A substantial bodyload, then, but in parallel a distinct stirring of the loins quite separated from any form of physical or mental stimulation. More a need to seek sensual salvation and a full readying of the necessary physical equipment. Definitely a shivery kind of eroticism began, which blossomed over a half-hour period and approached a mania which would have been impossible not to act upon, were it not for the nausea and forthright tension headache.

After the initial come-up is over, maybe 30-40 minutes in, the experience settles into a much more manageable stimulation without the shady blood pressure effects and this seemed a wholly desirable state to myself. Kind of like the buzz in the hotel after the nightclub. But two days later came the most objectionable side-effect: acne of teenage proportions on the face and even the back, indicating, in combination with the characteristic sweatiness of the experience, some kind of hormonal involvement possible including elimination through the skin.

I did form the opinion that some or all of the negative effects were due to the use of the bark itself, which contains a cocktail of alkaloids, rather than purified yohimbine, which is freely available online. Pure yohimbine is sold for its effect upon sexuality and also as a veterinary product for ending sedation, presumably via adrenergic activity. The substance also has a foothold in the body building and fitness scene, where acne is unlikely to be a tolerated side-effect.
I used 3g of bark, brewed in a teapot, maybe a couple of years ago. There was a very clear stimulation, and yes, significant effects in terms of its aphrodisiacal qualities. It was far more effective than I was expecting. It was definitely recreational, and certainly with an inescapable sexual aspect. I found the overall experience to be very positive.

Noting your headache, I experience little body load. In terms of dose I'm not sure how my 3g equated to your teaspoon, but another factor with botanicals is of course freshness. Perhaps there is a threshold somewhere.

It is worth pointing out though that the effective dose to fatal dose ratio is commonly stated to be low, so this isn't one to push.
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